Post 314: Early morning at the farm…

Early morning and Dougy’s had his first eye drop for the day. He made pitiful squeaky sounds and little kitty mews, but he finally submitted to one drop of Dexamethasome in his left eye. Of course, the first two drops missed his eye because he jerked his head, which I finally got adequately immobilized for the one drop that landed on target!

One down, two to go, for today at least. There’s no instruction on how long I need to give Dougy eye drops, but the last time it was for five very long days. Dougy gets increasingly difficult to catch as the days wear on…!

The dreaded eye drops...!

The dreaded eye drops…!

Dougy, relaxing in the dark on  the recliner.

Dougy, relaxing in the dark on the recliner.

For today, at least, Dougy still trusts me enough to hang with me at the computer desk or on my (his) ottoman when I watch television. I’d like to think it’s because he understands why I put the eye drops in, but it probably is more like kitty Stockholm Syndrome: he’s brainwashed with regular food and water, not to mention head and nose rubs and Da Bird toy sessions. Poor Dougy endures.

Speaking of hostage taking, tomorrow is Andy’s make up appointment to see his veterinarian. He’s been very clingy this morning. I think he suspects something’s afoot, and he’s right!

You better be wary, Andrew...

You better be wary, Andrew…

...because tomorrow the bogeyman's catching you and taking you to see Dr. David!

…because tomorrow the bogeyman’s catching you and taking you to see Dr. David!