Post 313: Dougy was a good boy; Andy, not so much…!

Today was the boys’ annual check up visit at the veterinarian. Or it was supposed to be.

I caught Dougy, no problem, but Andy took off, went into the Witness Protection Program with the alias of “Fluffy Magee”, and disappeared from the face of earth. Or hid somewhere I never located once he realized he was next to go into the carrier.

Dougy's the good boy today, my little best friend.

Dougy’s the good boy today, my little best friend.

Dougy got a shot updated, weighed (11 pounds 11 ounces or 5.3 kilos), and examined for reoccurrence of an eye issue. He did have conjunctivitis, so it’s “eye drops for kitty” time…again! I described how I wrap him in a towel to immobilize him for the eye drops. “We call that a cat burrito”, said his veterinarian. Works for me!

As usual, Dougy whined a lot about being in the carrier, about being out of the carrier at the veterinarian’s, and about the trip home. That’s OK. He behaved well the whole time, so a little whining is tolerable. Poor kitty! He was a little frightened, though he calmed down when the veterinarian’s technician or I pet him and noted what a beautiful kitty he is.

How I look to the cats when I try to catch them.

How I look to the cats when I try to catch them.

And what of Fluffy Magee? What’s in store for that naughty boy? Well, I had to make a second appointment for my bad kitty, and this Wednesday at 1:15 pm (ye gods willing), Fluffy AKA Andrew James Thomas, named after the apostle and patron saint of Scotland, gets stuffed into the carrier for his 1:30 pm rendezvous with his veterinarian, Dr. Dave.

Your time is Wednesday, little cat. Wednesday! Mwuah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!


I think it is notable and to Dougy’s credit that he didn’t hiss or get upset when two people brought in a total of three large dogs while we waited to see the veterinarian. The bulldog was very interested in what was in the carrier (Dougy). Though he barked a couple of times, Dougy didn’t react. He was a champion! Good boy!

Post 312: Andy finds the catnip

I’ve given up trying to keep the boys off the table. Cats will be cats, and it’s easy enough to place a placemat or napkin under plates or food placed on the table. It’s part of the joys of having cats around!

I spilled a little catnip on the table this morning. I meant to put it on a napkin on the floor for the pleasure of the boys. Dougy had his fun there. Andy, little poop, decided to check out the source:

"Mmmm! A jar of catnip! I knew there was more somewhere!"

“Mmmm! A jar of catnip! I knew there was more somewhere!”

"Errrr...! I feel the glow!"

“Errrr…! I feel the glow!”

"Some over here...!"

“Some over here…!”

"Some over there...!"

“Some over there…!”

"Must...lie...down.... Wait! I am already!"

“Must…lie…down…. Wait! I am already!”

"Ummm.... Errr.... Whatza!? Ummm...!"

“Ummm…. Errr…. Whatza!? Ummm…!”

"I could go for some *Greenies...!"

“I could go for some *Greenies…!”

[*Greenies are a cat treat that Andy really, really, really likes.]