Post 327: Andy’s tub, in perspective

This should give you some sense of why Andy’s tub (on top of blue carrier, which is to top of the settee) is a hotly contested piece of cat territory in this household. Great height. Can see much of the apartment from this vantage point. The tub is Andy and Dougy sized, just right! Brother can’t approach the tub when it is occupied without making a bit of noise hopping up on the settee arm, so tub brother is “ready for Freddy” when his brother arrives to usurp the tub!

andys tub 2 2282014

Plus, Andy is making a rude gesture with his tongue. That should stop Dougy!

[Here’s what Andy was actually doing before the first photo:

andys tub 1 2282014


Post 326: Andy’s “gun”…

For those concerned with Andy’s health, know that he not only is holding his own, he’s in pretty good shape. Mrow!

Andy is a tough little guy. Check out his "gun"!

Andy is a tough little guy. Check out his “gun”!