Post 314: Early morning at the farm…

Early morning and Dougy’s had his first eye drop for the day. He made pitiful squeaky sounds and little kitty mews, but he finally submitted to one drop of Dexamethasome in his left eye. Of course, the first two drops missed his eye because he jerked his head, which I finally got adequately immobilized for the one drop that landed on target!

One down, two to go, for today at least. There’s no instruction on how long I need to give Dougy eye drops, but the last time it was for five very long days. Dougy gets increasingly difficult to catch as the days wear on…!

The dreaded eye drops...!

The dreaded eye drops…!

Dougy, relaxing in the dark on  the recliner.

Dougy, relaxing in the dark on the recliner.

For today, at least, Dougy still trusts me enough to hang with me at the computer desk or on my (his) ottoman when I watch television. I’d like to think it’s because he understands why I put the eye drops in, but it probably is more like kitty Stockholm Syndrome: he’s brainwashed with regular food and water, not to mention head and nose rubs and Da Bird toy sessions. Poor Dougy endures.

Speaking of hostage taking, tomorrow is Andy’s make up appointment to see his veterinarian. He’s been very clingy this morning. I think he suspects something’s afoot, and he’s right!

You better be wary, Andrew...

You better be wary, Andrew…

...because tomorrow the bogeyman's catching you and taking you to see Dr. David!

…because tomorrow the bogeyman’s catching you and taking you to see Dr. David!

13 thoughts on “Post 314: Early morning at the farm…

    • Andy’s hanging close to me this morning. I hope I’m not sending out messages unintentionally! I plan to take a shower and clean up hours before the appointment and wait till I catch and put Andy in the carrier before I change into clothes for the trip to the veterinarian. I get one chance to catch him…he’s wiley as heckl!

      Andy has a bit of an allergy issue that makes his ears reddish, though they don’t seem to hurt him or make him scratch a lot. Other than that, he seems to be in good shape for his size and age. (I am a little concerned that he might be a bit thin, which he always has been. I think he just has the good fortune of not being a fat cat or one likely to become one, unlike his brother Dougy!)

      When I mentioned how much fun it was to administer eye drops for Dougy, he asked me if I preferred to get the medication in an unguent instead. I’m 99% certain it’s easier to put the eye drops in than to rub unguent in a cat’s eye!

    • He seems to be doing better after only four doses. Best part is he is less squirmy when I put the drop in his eye, which makes me think it actually feels good or his eye feels better for his little ordeal of being wrapped in a towel to be immobilized and dosed!

      • And how! I think the ratio of drops in the eye to those on the face must be 1:2 or 1:3. At the cost of the medication, I hate to waste it. After I get the drop in the eye, I hope him on his back a bit longer to let gravity draw the drop in. Then I rub his head, which further “exercises” the eyelids by wiggling his scalp. I say soothing things to him and call him a good boy. Then I release him. It seems to work.

    • Thanks! I like your posts a lot, too, both for the wide variety of topics you cover and for the in depth look you take of things Canadian. As an American, I feel a need to know as much as possible about your country since our histories often tangle and our interests mostly coincide. (Where our intereste collide, it helps to have a genuine Canadian point of view to help sort it out!) I hope anyone reading this comment takes a little time to click on your link to see what I mean!

      That said, Dougy actually acts pretty much normal. I imagine the eye must give him some discomfort, but he never acts like it. I noticed he was much easier to does this morning, though. I think he somewhat accepts the eye drops as helpful, perhaps even feels a quick improvement in the way the eye feels. (He’s not speaking, however! LOL!)

      • I’m glad Dougy doesn’t mind the drops much. I know of that guilt-like feeling when we do things they dislike, even if it is for their own good. I usually feel like I’ve lost some of their trusts in me.

        And thank you for commenting on the post. I love to hear other points of view on things. Especially American, for the same reasons you put forth. 🙂

  1. Ha! 🙂 Between the two of them they will keep you so frazzled, you won’t have the strength to be The Boogeyman! 😉 😛 They are playing you! 😉
    Oh, those sweet faces! Andy’s, Dougy’s, AND yours! 🙂
    The Tales of the Terrific Trio you write make me laugh! 😀
    Poor Dougy! Eyedrops are no fun. 🙁
    HUGS to all 3 of you! 🙂

    • I remind the boys that “pretty is as pretty does”, but they give me that, “…but we’re just kitties! What do you expect us to do?!” look and ignore me. LOL! I still haven’t seen Dougy (for hours…) to give him his second eye drop. He’ll be very, very suspicious and uncatchable if I look like I’m trying to find him, so I have to play the “oh, I just wanted to find you to scratch yer ears, kitty!” line of bs and hope he buys it. Probably won’t, though. The boys are very smart!

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