Post 348: busy day

Yesterday was a nap day for me. After feeding the cats, medicating Andy, playing feather with the cats, and sitting down to watch the news, I conked out in my chair.

Falling asleep in front of a television is no big deal for me. I’ve seen parts of thousands of programs over the years! But to fall asleep in my chair before five o’clock in the morning…! I went back to bed, where I slept till 10:30 or so. Those dang cats just have to stop waking me up so early!

Andy in his hidey hole

Yesterday was my military museum day. I actually had a couple of visitors, which is nice. They were from a nearby town, had stopped by other times but it was closed. We need more volunteers to open it more than a few times a week. Right now, it’s open Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 1 PM to 4.

When I got home, I had mail and telephone messages that reminded me even retired people have responsibilities and moments of stress. Today I “get” to work through those messages and stresses. Ugh.

Oh yeah. Andy hasn’t let me give him his medication yet either, and we’ve been up for two hours.


Oh yeah! Andy got his medication shortly after I wrote this…no struggle or flight. He was a very good boy!


I’m getting enough back on my state and federal taxes to just about cover the cost of having professional tax preparation. That’s taken care of.

Then I did grocery shopping. I treated myself to some Mounds candy bars, tiny size, and just ate the equivalent of one regular Mounds.

I also like Almond Joy, which (for those who are unfamiliar with this candy) is cocoanut with a whole almond on top, and the whole thing is coated in milk chocolate).

If I had my way, the Mounds bar would have the almond. (It is cocoanut coated in dark chocolate, again, for those unfamiliar with the candy.)

I also bought some C-cell batteries for the boys’ Cat’s Meow toy. They, of course, are ignoring the toy now that it works again. Cats!