Post 334: odds and ends

I had an unexpected visitor yesterday afternoon, a church friend who brought me a plate of cinnamon buns. I protested, but gave in. I’ve had her cinnamon buns before, and they are delicious! Especially with a steaming mug of coffee made from home-roasted coffee beans. Mmm!

roll 1

Let’s take a closer look at those yummy rolls:

Thanks, Jane! They are delicious!

Thanks, Jane! They are delicious!

Yeah! I’m rationing them as best I can, but…!


Andy and Dougy both like to share my computer desk with me, as most of you who follow this blog and my videos on YouTube well know.

Today, the sun, which hasn’t been around much of late, lit up Andy’s hair just so, creating this lovely angelic effect:

angel andy

Lest you confuse Andy with an other-worldly being, here’s another photo of his lower half, strangely sprawled over books at one end of the computer desk shelf. He sometimes snores in his sleep, too. Of course, he sometimes purrs in his sleep. Andy is a funny cat!

angel andy 2


Andy and Dougy spent over an hour playing “Chase the Antelope” this morning. As further evidence Andy’s doing better since he began medication for his heart murmur, he not only kept up with his brother Dougy, he initiated much of the play! He even took on the “Cat’s Meow” toy with an ardor that was, well, very playful indeed!

At one point, Dougy was on the recliner. Andy was on the spare carriers, looking down, trying to decide how best to avoid Dougy.

He hopped onto the arm of the recliner, Dougy thought he had his brother ready for a tussle, but Andy deftly hopped from one arm, over Dougy (who was very surprised), to the other arm, then down to the floor.

He ran off into the north bathroom, leaving Dougy in his dust!

It does my heart good to see Andy so active!