Post 358: 11:05 and I haven’t stopped for breakfast…

The day’s out of sync. I not only slept till 4 AM, it’s 11:05 and I haven’t stopped for breakfast.

Dougy woke me up, growly, whining because of the time. That’s Dougy, not me who was growly, whining because of the time! I was content to stay in bed even after I realized it was, by Dougy’s reckoning, “late”!

Andy’d hopped up on the bookcase by my bed at some time in the night, and was content to continue his doze. I pet him a little, rubbed his ears, but he was conked out, not interested in getting up.

2011-01-01 Andy in window and on desk 004

Dougy persisted with me, though. Damn those opposable thumbs! If only Dougy had a set, he could open that cat food can for himself! (And would!) But since he doesn’t, he prowled by my bed making unhappy cat sounds and scratching my bed.

I got up and put wet cat food out for the boys.

Then what? After catching Andy, I gave him his medicine. “Catch” as in “pick up a sleepy cat off the bookcase and carry him into the kitchen where I had a towel to wrap him in and his medicine waiting”. I’ll stick with “catching”. Sounds more athletic and adventuresome than the sad little kidnapping this morning! Even I felt cheated out of something, it was so easy!

Let’s see. Watched the news. Said things at the television since I live with two cats and they never repeat what I say. Played with Dougy because he was pumped. Andy and I were still sleepy, but Dougy kicked into high gear, tore through the house, stopped by Andy and me, crouched in a low pouncing posture to alert Andy and me he wanted interaction from one of us, either one, he didn’t care which!

Andy joined the chase. I dug out some toys. Andy came back to rest, I took over. Dougy was still pumped! Next thing, it was 11:05. I think I’ll stop for breakfast. The boys, in the meantime, have gone back to sleep.