Post 348: busy day

Yesterday was a nap day for me. After feeding the cats, medicating Andy, playing feather with the cats, and sitting down to watch the news, I conked out in my chair.

Falling asleep in front of a television is no big deal for me. I’ve seen parts of thousands of programs over the years! But to fall asleep in my chair before five o’clock in the morning…! I went back to bed, where I slept till 10:30 or so. Those dang cats just have to stop waking me up so early!

Andy in his hidey hole

Yesterday was my military museum day. I actually had a couple of visitors, which is nice. They were from a nearby town, had stopped by other times but it was closed. We need more volunteers to open it more than a few times a week. Right now, it’s open Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 1 PM to 4.

When I got home, I had mail and telephone messages that reminded me even retired people have responsibilities and moments of stress. Today I “get” to work through those messages and stresses. Ugh.

Oh yeah. Andy hasn’t let me give him his medication yet either, and we’ve been up for two hours.


Oh yeah! Andy got his medication shortly after I wrote this…no struggle or flight. He was a very good boy!


I’m getting enough back on my state and federal taxes to just about cover the cost of having professional tax preparation. That’s taken care of.

Then I did grocery shopping. I treated myself to some Mounds candy bars, tiny size, and just ate the equivalent of one regular Mounds.

I also like Almond Joy, which (for those who are unfamiliar with this candy) is cocoanut with a whole almond on top, and the whole thing is coated in milk chocolate).

If I had my way, the Mounds bar would have the almond. (It is cocoanut coated in dark chocolate, again, for those unfamiliar with the candy.)

I also bought some C-cell batteries for the boys’ Cat’s Meow toy. They, of course, are ignoring the toy now that it works again. Cats!

11 thoughts on “Post 348: busy day

  1. We have cell phones and no house phones, and I turn them off at night and no one can get ahold of us til they are turn don in the morning.
    I am a mean old broad.
    Love that photo of Andy.
    Ali was nervous and whiny til 1 am last night and then the thunder and lightening storm rolled in so I knew why she was so upset.
    You and the boys have a good week end.

    • Thanks! I was particularly happy with that photo of Andy, too. They are hard to photograph in anything but sunlight, something I’;m sure you can appreciate since ALi is black, too! Other than good detail, thanks to good light, I also like the way the sun brought out something that isn’t immediately obvious about the boys: in some lights, you can see faint reddish tabby markings that remind me of their mother, who is light brownish-orange with tabby markings. In other light, you can see the Birman markings of their father. Most of the rest of the time, though, you just see what appears to be black cats!

      The boys hand thunder storms very well, though there have been some where lightning strikes and thunder close to where we live sent them scattering! I wonder if there are thunder jackets for cats, too. I know Andy is calmer when I have him swaddled for his medicine, which seems to be the thunder jacket principle: snug them up in the garment, and they feel calm and protected. (Dogs, anyway, do!)

      Hope Hubby’s having a great day, Ruth, because I know that gives you a load of relief, too!

  2. Wow, you do have quite the schedule, don’t you? Is that what happens when you retire? I feel for Andy … when does he “get off” them?
    Have a great day!! However you spend it! πŸ™‚

    • Andy have another appointment for May 21st. He may or may not get off the medicine then. He is a lot perkier, as I’ve mentioned before, continues to act like he feels much better, and I take that all to mean he continues, too, to improve.

      As for the busy schedule when one retires, the main thing for me has been I always am busy, but it’s usually doing things I find fun – this blog, making videos of the boys, the museum and other volunteer activities, reading, etc. Today I just got caught up in a bunch of things I don’t like doing but should just do to get them over with, specifically grocery shopping and going over my tax returns with the CPA who does them for me. (This may be the last thing I have to do related to my late parents – specifically my Mom’s estate – other than distribution of that estate, per the will. I never have been a great one for this sort of thing, but it always seems to land on me by virtue of dumb luck. All my other siblings live out of state.

      It’s a bright, sunny day, though, even if it’s only 1 C so far, and projected to get only up to 7 C. As a Canadian, you will understand that we Northern Peoples think it’s nice out if the sun’s shining, even if the thermometer says otherwise. I predict most people I see today will be jacketless, in shorts, and wearing flip-flops!

      • LOL! It’s sunny here too, today. So I’m planning a few outings πŸ™‚
        I am glad Andy feels better – I read your post about him finally playing – it’s really difficult for us when one is under the weather or really sick.
        So Andy, plus the sun=Mood so much better! πŸ™‚

    • He needs to be less clever! Ha! The little rascal learns every trick I use to catch him after one time. As it was, though, as soon as I read this, I saw him in the bathroom in front of the shower (a favorite spot of his). I walked in with a “No reaaalllllly…I need to use the toiiiiiilettttt!” air about me, then pounced. Aha! The best part about Andy is that though he can be a rascal to catch, once caught he goes all cooperative. I wrapped him in the towel, (which does prompt a little resistance, but not so much I can’t handle it, and squirted the medicine in his mouth. He gave me the kitty version of an icky face, I stroked his ears and called him a good boy, then let him down. He ran over to the fountain for a long drink of water. Everything was in order again! I even fell asleep – again! – in the chair watching the news, though this time I woke up in time to take care of the things I want to get done with.

    • Ha! Unfortunately, I ignore the phone most of the time because I get a lot of calls from credit card companies and other characters. I get so few calls I want that I tend not to return calls if I don’t recognize the caller (or number or “unidentified”) on the caller ID. If I could live without an occasional need for a phone, I’d drop the dang thing eight years ago, at least! I went from a landline to a cell phone to avoid a lot of what I still get.

      • The very first day of the national Do Not Call Registry, I registered my number.

        Since politicians worked up the conditions for it, only three groups are allowed to contact you after you’ve registered (guess which one they added for themselves…!): 1. entities that you’ve done business with in past (the credit card companies primarily are the ones that bug, followed by companies that sell computer services), 2. charities (legitimate or not, it seems, and I guarantee I tell all of them that calling me is not acceptable and that’s why I won’t contribute to them again!), and, 3. political campaigns soliciting funds of volunteers (I told one outfit that called me every day, sometimes more than once, that I had planned to vote for their candidate – a lie! – but after all the harassment of the endless telephone calls from his campaign, I’d vote for him when hell froze over…).

        The most irritating one I got was from some fellow in Nigeria who was involved in an outright scam. I told him as much and reminded him that as someone on the national Do Not Call Registry, he legally couldn’t call me. He laughed and asked me what that was. “Oh that doesn’t matter to me. I’m calling from Nigeria!”

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