Post 352: …so it continues!

If yesterday was busy, so’s today.

I took a veteran down to a doctor’s appointment in Scottsbluff, came home, shared CDs of Good-Friday-appropriate plainsong with the church for Good Friday meditations, and supervised yet another Andrew-Douglas boxing match over which very cute cat gets to have the new plastic tub.

The first two don’t need elaboration. The third one is old hat but with a new new photo or two of Andy doing his best to not let Dougy take his tub away.

andy guards the fort 3-24-14

Andy’s just chased off Dougy. Dougy is unrepentant, believe me! Lurking in the shadows, as soon as Andy’s preoccupied elsewhere, Dougy will be back. Will. Be. Back!

andy on guard

What I thought was a second photo actually is a cropped version of the one above. When you see what a mess the background is, you can appreciate why I cropped it out of the full version! 😉 Actually, it shows Andy’s determined look better, too. Be nice to Andy, Dougy!

But wait! I shot a video, all of 1.94 seconds long, showing Andy shooing his brother off the tub! Not worth the trouble to process, believe me, but there is another photo, a screen shot, that shows the pregnant moment Dougy hops down, Andy in pursuit!

andy shoos dougy 2

…so it continues!