Post 381: Whaaaat!!?

Sometimes I get the strangest photos because of low light conditions, flash that doesn’t go off, subject moving, me moving, the whole world moving, the rotation of the solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy….and the Big Bang. Some of these results just make me laugh!

Dougy the Alien

Dougy the Alien

6 thoughts on “Post 381: Whaaaat!!?

    • Yes, and I’m paranoid because he and his brother Andy watch, watch, watch me all day, then disappear into nowhere for – what!? – sending reports back to the Head Space Cat? And all that rubbing against me? Collecting human DNA in their “tails”, probably to create hybrid cat-people! (I saw a movie once…, well, a couple where stuff like that happened. Maybe it was forewarning from someone who cracked the Kitty Kode!) 😉

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