Post 398: Happy Anniversary!

My great-niece Jessica (Lauren’s twin sister) posted this photo on Facebook today of my favorite sister-in-law and my favorite brother. They are celebrating their 43rd anniversary!


Yeah! Yeah! I know. I only have one sister-in-law and I only have one brother. A mere technicality, folks. If they weren’t my only sister-in-law and my only brother, they’d be my favorites! What the heck, they still are!

4 thoughts on “Post 398: Happy Anniversary!

    • I always felt my brother married the perfect person for him, and this anniversary is another reminder of how true that iis! They both love a good laugh, and my sister-in-law is a great cook, mother, and money manager, among her many qualities!

  1. Great picture! Happy Anniversary to them! I think it’s the first time I see a picture of your brother … a thicker beard and fewer hair on his head are 2 signs of wisdom from which I guess he’s the elder one (that’s the kind of argument I’ll have to remember in a few decades to differentiate me from my younger -and only too- brother).

    Oh, and the flowers wreath is so cool and so pretty! … Though I’ll feel so awkward when you’ll tell me it’s only a flower pot behind your great-niece 🙂

    • Yes, he’s the older one. I’m the youngest of four, though that means less and less since I am in my 60s! We both are wise guys, but smart, too if you ask us the right questions!

      I think that is some flowers in a vase, though it does have a wreath-like quality about it, doesn’t it? Of course, I could be a nice guy and agree with your perception. As a Belgian, you’d appreciate the Magritte moment!

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