Post 401: Andy, Andy, Andy…!

Andy must be getting used to the routine now. In the beginning, it took real stealth and planning to capture the little rascal to give him his medicine for the heart murmur and high blood pressure issues his veterinarian discovered last Winter.

He’d hide under beds, he’d hightail it from one end of the place to the other. He’d hide behind the washing machine. He’d… you get the picture!

The past three days, though, ended with a jump onto the cat tree, with my little heart patient taking Olympic-level running leaps to reach the top.

Andy in the cat tree on another day.

Andy in the cat tree on another day.

He actually landed half inside the tube, which (the first day) was so amazing, I wasn’t ready for the next move: Without stopping inside, he jumped out the other end and added minutes to the freedom he enjoyed before I finally cornered and caught him!

Yesterday, he tried the same plan, but I was ahead of that time. When he leaped in one end, I put my hand in the other, effectively blocking the Great Escape! Whew! Even I was amazed how easily I caught him. Granted, I had to pry his little paws off the carpeted interior to pull him out, but that was a simple matter.

Today, Andy started the game on the cat lounger by the back door. He watched me from the dark. (Kind of like the joke about the black cat in the coal bin, he was difficult to spot.) I pretended I didn’t see him, and walked over to turn on my computer. That was too close for Andy’s comfort. He bolted to the guest bedroom!

Gad! The guest bedroom has a queen-sized bed, a perfect place to hide under, at least if Andy remembers how the last time he hid there he neglected to pull his hindquarters under the bed, too, giving me a good view of the fugitive and an even better handhold to catch him!

Andy will get over it. If not, he knows where I sleep...!

Andy will get over it. If not, he knows where I sleep…!

Instead of the bed, today he tried hiding in a cat playhouse, half in, half out again…his Momma didn’t train him very well on this “cover your tail” business! I thought I had him, but he escaped into the dining room, then just inside the bathroom door. “Crap,” I thought. Hiding behind the washing machine, which is in that bathroom, actually is a pretty good strategy if he uses it.

But, as I approached him, Andy tried the Olympic Leap to Freedom through the cat tree again. What?! Andy, Andy, Andy! I had that trick figured out >snicker!< the second day your tried it!

Yep, seconds later, I had him wrapped in the towel and dosed with his medicine. Woo hoo!