Post 393: Andy, time for your medicine!

Andy’s still on his medicine for the heart murmur/blood pressure issue discovered last Winter. Every morning he must submit to a mouthful of tuna-flavored medicine.

Some days, he walks by me and I just pick him up. Others, he hides under the bed in the guest bedroom, necessitating more strategy to catch him for his daily dose. Most days, though, I just out-wait him. He forgets what’s coming, lets him guard down, and he’s easily caught.

Today was an “under the bed” day, though he made a tactical error that allowed easy capture: the front half of his body was under the bed, but the tail end half stuck out in the open. I just reached down and snagged him up!

Not nice, I know, but I laughed when I saw his magnificent tail sticking straight out from the below the duvet! “Here I am…come get me!”

"I won't take my medicine! NO! NO! NO!" Andy hides to avoid his medicine.

“I won’t take my medicine! NO! NO! NO!” Andy hides to avoid his medicine.

Once I’ve squirted the medicine in his mouth, I rub his nose and head, calmly tell him he’s a good kitty, and, when he starts to wiggle around to try to get down, I let him down.

I started giving him a treat after this ordeal a few weeks ago to celebrate successful dosing. He now associates the icky medicine with the reward, though he still tries to avoid me and the medicine the next time I try to catch him for his daily dose!