Post 399: Snow…again! And random rambles.

Not much, but there was snow on my car this morning. Mostly, it rained overnight. And it’s barely above freezing at 3:14 AM.

The only safe flowers here this morning are on my screen saver!

The only safe flowers here this morning are on my screen saver!

On the >whew!< side of things, I got up around a quarter till three this morning, and got right down to business with the boys. Mission accomplished by 2:58 AM!

It took next to zero effort to catch Andy, who trapped himself on the cat tree when he tried yesterday's trick of jumping into the horizontal tube, with the intent to pop out the other side.

We've seen that move before kitty! I put my hand over the escape end, and Andy was mine! Mwah-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa!


While I had Andy wrapped up in the towel to give him his heart murmur medicine, I decided it’d be a good time to administer the flea-tick-ear mite-intestinal hookworm-roundworm fluid, the standard prophylaxis as we go into the warm months. [“Warm months” isn’t meant to be ironic…!]

Catching Dougy was a no-brainer, and he soon had his dose, too!

Even though the boys are indoor cats, an infected mosquito could slip in when I enter or exit the apartment or through a cat-damaged (ahem!) screen.

The boys hate the stuff, though I suspect what bothers them is the alcohol smell. They don’t suffer any side effects from it other than hurt pride from being captured and dosed. Dosed, they going into hiding, so there will be no new kitty photos today!

I noticed yesterday the apple trees out back are in bloom. I was going to film them this morning, but last night’s snow-freezing rain may have fixed that plan. I’ll see when the sun comes up. 🙁

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