Poist 426: kitty tears…

Yes, Dougy plops down on my computer desk every day. Mostly, he plops down right where my mouse hand is, and I endure kitty butt on my hand. Or fluffy tail. Tee hee! (It isn’t all hell.)

Most days, we work it out, but today Dougy didn’t want to give up the space he took from me. So I tormented him with attention!

Poor Dougy gets no respect! Kitty tears rip at our heart. :'(

2 thoughts on “Poist 426: kitty tears…

  1. Aww sweet baby. I wanted to pick him up and snuggle him when I saw those tears.
    What a gentle creature and i didn”t see claws when you and he were playing.
    Your boys have such adorable faces.
    Ali is in trouble and has been on my crap list all day.
    What was led tot the kitchen curtains are now in the garbage, shredded by claws all in the name of catching a fly.
    Had to remind Tim several times that sh wis in trouble but she has him sussed.

    • I can appreciate your problem: The boys work their charm, too, and get away with murder! Tim no doubt sees Ali as the good buddy who comforts him when he is ill, but you see those shredded curtains in the trash and think, “That dang cat…!”

      Dougy and Andy are gentle cats that don’t use claws against their human, though Andy occasionally play-bites — a bit too hard…so it’s a judgement call!

      Both are silky-soft and fun to snuggle. At this point (just a few days short of their third birthday on July 1st), they are tolerant of occasional, short snuggles, but they aren’t lap cats yet. They are young and have thing to do, cat things! 🙂

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