Post 449: No really, this is what I wanted to post today!

As a former vice president of the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union, I am proud my cats have taken a liking to bird watching! Like me, they are especially interested in identification of the unseen bird in the bushes or trees by song. Andy tries out his expertise in the following video:

Post 448: shopping list

I think of shopping lists as, well, not too helpful most times. Today, though, I was a bit pleased with myself because I went to the store with this list:

What I took into the store...

What I took into the store…

I came home with these items:

Items not on my list are in black boxes of shame...!

Items not on my list are in black boxes of shame…!

I felt pretty pleased with myself! I didn’t get any ice cream or cookies, candy or chips…erm, well, I did get some garlic and sea salt potato chips, but they “spoke” to me. And we’re having hamburgers tomorrow. Um. Yeah! I’m sure that’s what that’s about! And that ginger ale, well, my brother and I were talking about ginger ale yesterday, and it seemed necessary to buy some for “auld lang syne”.