Post 427: not ready

I have family starting to arrive beginning with my brother tomorrow. I am totally unprepared. I have lots of towels and bedding to wash and put out, beds to make, floors to vacuum, and…! Anyway, until I am ready, I’m holding off on my “fun” things, like this blog. If I make decent progress today, I may be back tomorrow. If not, Saturday will be too late to do anything more in preparation: my first visitor will be here.

P.S. Andy is being a little bastard today, not cooperating with me so I can have giving him his medicine behind me. I don’t need this!

12 thoughts on “Post 427: not ready

    • It’s not as loud as many vacuum. It’s a Dyson that’s meant to pick up pet (even Persian cat!) hair, and maybe they made it quieter, too, in respect for our animal friends. My cats don’t like it, of course, but that’s because they think it works so well it’d suck them up! (And it just might!)

    • Thanks, Ann! At our ages (66 though 76), we treasure each time we all can get together at the same time. I’m just fortunate that I have space for everyone.

  1. Doug, take a deep breath, look around , make a plan of attack, take another breath and take one step at a time — I have confidence in you!!

    • I made enough progress that dishes are washed and the table is cleared of clutter so we have a place to eat…! I don’t think I will make much more progress beyond that since the bed my brother will sleep in is made. When my Seattle sister comes next Wednesday, though, there will be no excuse not to have the other bed ready!

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