Post 449: No really, this is what I wanted to post today!

As a former vice president of the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union, I am proud my cats have taken a liking to bird watching! Like me, they are especially interested in identification of the unseen bird in the bushes or trees by song. Andy tries out his expertise in the following video:

3 thoughts on “Post 449: No really, this is what I wanted to post today!

    • That’s Andy’s window, and Dougy rarely gets to use it! Ever since the neighbor across the road set up a bird feeder, though, both boys especially like this side of the house for cat entertainment. I started giving the neighbor some birdseed money, in fact, since my boys get so much entertainment value out of the birds she feeds across the lane. There’s a birdbath just a little ways outside the back door that makes that a second favorite birding place for the boys, and having access to both helps keep disputes over turns at best spots down. 🙁

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