Post 599: Molly, by golly!

Just when I didn’t have any idea on what to do for my next post, I received the latest new photos of Molly. Whew! Thanks, sis!

I’m always happy to hear from my siblings, but especially from my sister in Seattle when she attaches photos of her new cat, Molly Moon, a beautiful long-haired tuxedo.

Molly is a rescue cat, one of those thousands of cats that end up in shelters to await their fate. Thankfully, this sweet cat ended up in a “no kill” shelter, and thankfully, she was available when my sister wanted an older cat. Molly fit the bill!

Remember this early photo of Molly, taken shortly after she joined the family?  So much for fears she might not adjust to her new setting!

Remember this early photo of Molly, taken shortly after she joined the family? So much for fears she might not adjust to her new setting!

I had to repeat that photo because you get to see just how pretty Molly’s “undercarriage” is! She is a classic tuxedo cat, too, with the white whiskers, socks, chest, and facial markings.

One of the new Molly photos...

One of the new Molly photos….  She looks like she’s just about to give my sister “blinky eyes”!

As for adjustment, figuring out the ropes, getting along, figuring out where things are, Molly has done well, too. My sister did a good job of researching potential kitties to adopt.

Molly isn’t the new cat to the family now, but she still has her surprises. Cats are like that! The other day, my sister couldn’t find Molly.

Stuffed toys on top of the armoire....

Stuffed toys on top of the armoire….

My sister isn’t sure how Molly got on top of the armoire, but there she is, right next to the tuxedo kitty, of course! On this Thanksgiving Day, it is safe to say my sister is thankful she found Molly at one of the “no kill” shelters in Seattle.


Andy, Dougy, and I wish you a bountiful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

21 thoughts on “Post 599: Molly, by golly!

    • Yes, I am very keen on getting cats and dogs from shelters when possible. I’ve had two shelter cats, and both were wonderful companions. Andy and Dougy came to me because they were sick kittens with poor prospects for placement. I got them for free, though their medical issues cost $1400 before their veterinarian got them in control. Even then, at a de facto cost of $700 each, they have been worth every penny I’ve spent on their care and amusements!

    • That she is! My sister has been very pleased with Molly. When she was looking for a cat in the no kill shelters in her area, she was very thorough and gave lots of thought to which one she wanted to adopt. It appears that my sister did a good job by selecting Molly. (And Molly seems to agree with that statement, too!)

    • Thanks! I don’t have a big day planned since I won’t have family in today, but I’ll do a small scale Thanksgiving with pretty much all the standard things. (It will be nice to have the day to myself, actually. Though get togethers are fun, these days I’d have to travel hundreds of miles to do it, and I don’t travel well for short visits.)

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