Post 598: Dougy’s day

Of the two brothers, Dougy is the more clingy, the more likely to be hanging out with me. Andy has his issues, of course (those kitty baths, medicine drops), but Dougy had similar experiences growing up (kitty baths, eye drops). It comes down to personalities!

On my computer desk, in his classic sprawl...!

On my computer desk, in his classic sprawl…!

He has other favorite spots.

He can watch birds from the top of the mini-stereo.

He can watch birds from the top of the mini-stereo. (And me…!)

Andy’s favorite spot is also one of Dougy’s. In fact, every cat I’ve ever had loved to lounge on top of this recliner or on its arms. It was made for cats!

The soft, cushiony recliner is perfectly sized for the boys, and it is among the higher spots in the room, a bonus benefit!

The soft, cushiony recliner is perfectly sized for the boys, and it is among the higher spots in the room, a bonus benefit!


Bonus photo of Captain Me-ow (AKA Louie), who is mentioned in one of the comments below.

New Louies Cape_Complete

24 thoughts on “Post 598: Dougy’s day

  1. I’d choose the spot fur bird watching! There’s a huge hydrangea bush outside our living room window and some birds have made their nest inside it- those delicious, uh- I mean DARLING little rascals….*(chatters)*

  2. It’s so true about personalities. I have cats that I never see except at feeding time and when they want the odd scritch. Then there are the “desk cats” that live either under my desk lamp or up against the heat vent on one of the laptops. The lap cats and foot rest cats. (meaning they use my foot as a pillow). I could go on but I don’t think there’s enough active memory here. πŸ˜€

        • When I see what two small (ten-ish pounds each) cats put out, I can only imagine the size of the dumpster you fill! Ha! When I had Louie the ginger cat, he used the flower bed across from my place that I called “Craters of the Cats” because it was the local cat population’s toilet box. I don’t recall having to do much litter box maintenance with him, but he must have used the two I set out for him because he wasn’t an outdoor cat all year around. (Not remembering the “bad” aspects of having a nearly 24 pound cat — tons of poop — must be my mind’s way of dealing with that part of the memories I have of a beloved pet! He was a saint and perfect cat, I’m sure of it, not to mention a cat super hero, a fact you can see evidence of in the form of a large framed photo of Captain Me-Ow that sometimes appears in the background of photos and videos posted here.

    • LOL! Yeah, the arms are perfect for small critters! Andy especially likes to stretch out on the arm closer to my glide rocker chair, the better to keep track of where I am. Dougy prefers the glider’s ottoman, a piece of furniture that cost nearly $300 so a cat could take it over and get growly if I put my feet on it. Ha! Money well spent.

      • When father died I bought a day bed to help have enough room for visiting relatives….and then Baby Girk decided she could sleep there and still be able to look out of the window at the world passing by without ever having to get up…..did I mention she can be a bit lazy? LOL

        • The recliner originally was meant to be a treat for me: A really soft and comfortable chair that allowed me to elevate my feet. The cat I had before the boys, Louie the ginger cat, quickly expropriated it for his catisfaction. I’ve never got it back, though there was a short time between Louie and the arrival of the boys that I got to try it out. The glider rocker was meant to give me an alternative way to elevate my feet, but Dougy, as noted, quickly decided the ottoman to it was his personal perch. The little a-hole! LOL! When he’s not around, I put my feet up on it, but it’s not too long after I do this that he comes over and gives me the “Little Black Cat Stink Eye of Great Intent to Kill” so I know he wants me to put my feet down…or else! Of course, I put my feet down because Dougy is a whiner if he doesn’t get his way.

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