Post 2149: Molly the tuxedo kitty girl…

molly 1

It’s a sad time in the family. My sister in Seattle learned her cat, Molly the tuxedo kitty girl, has a terminal cancer in her throat. Molly came into Kathy’s life during the time Sox the tuxedo kitty boy went missing for ten months. She was an older shelter kitty, a sweet-natured, fun kitty, and she’s enjoyed a happy home with my sister the last years of her life. When Sox was dying of terminal cancer, Molly comforted and cuddled with him. Now it’s my sister’s time to comfort Molly in her last moments. Good kitty, Molly. 

My sister sent me this update on Molly later today: 

Molly’s veterinarian called me this afternoon and said he had some good news about Molly.  Tests showed that her kidney disease has improved in every way since her last test. It’s kind of ironic her kidneys are doing well but now she has a tumor in her throat.  He asked how she was doing and said that the antibiotics and fluid he gave her yesterday should help with the infection (but not stop the cancer) and if she is comfortable, I could wait a week, or two at the most, before having her euthanized.  Yesterday, he was thinking I should do it today or tomorrow but she seems too alert to rush into it.  Her main problem is eating, and I try to feed her very small meals several times a day, but as soon as she no longer eats or is in pain, I won’t hesitate to tell her good bye.  I have to think about her first.


On February 11, 2020, I received this final note from my sister:

As of 6:30 tonight, Molly is no longer with me.  She took a turn for the worse today and I didn’t want her to suffer any longer.  It was so hard to take her to the veterinarian, knowing that I would never see her again. I was glad I stayed and watched her last breath.  She looked so peaceful and beautiful.  I didn’t stay with Sox until the end.  I still think about him and will always remember my special Kitty Girl too.

RIP Molly the tuxedo kitty girl.


Post 1848: Molly is a stealthy kitty girl!


You’ve “met” my Seattle sister’s kitty girl Molly before. My sister recently sent me the next photo of Molly. See if you can find her!

molly hides

My sister wrote: “I panicked yesterday because I couldn’t find Molly any place in the house and knew [my granddaughter] had left the door open while going back and forth to the car. Eventually Molly walked out of my bedroom and I had looked everywhere in there.  Today I discovered her hiding place.  If you look at the center of my bed pillows, you can see a cat ear.  Now I know!



Post 768: Sox adjusts to being home again after being missing for 10 months…

Sox came home to a new companion kitty (Molly) and new circumstances.

According to my sister, “The cats are co-existing, but at a distance.  Molly is definitely the dominant one, which surprises me.  Sox has actually tried to be friendly to her, but she wants nothing to do with him.  He is afraid of her.  She is not happy with me either, and avoids me if Sox is in the room.  I put Sox in ‘his’ room at night, and Molly is most happy to sleep with me and have me all to herself.  Neither cat will touch the other’s food or water.  Hopefully, they will eventually tolerate each other enough to be companions when I’m not home.” 

Sox had a rough 10 months, and my sister's  made an appointment to get him bathe=d and groomed this coming week.

Sox had a rough 10 months as a lost cat…! Poor kitty! He’s lucky my sister never gave up finding him.

My sister wrote, “Here [is a picture] of Sox the day I found him at the animal shelter.  His fur looked rough, even after brushing it, but he still is a pretty boy…discolored fur, neglected grooming, and all.”  

Poor kitty! He definitely looks like a kitty that was lost 10 months in this shelter photo! My sister made an appointment to get Sox bathed and groomed this week, so he’ll soon look more like he does in this earlier photo of him at their old house.

I asked her to send me an “after” photo, which I know she will since she is proud of her pretty kitties!

Cat-cousin Sox, a real fox!

For anyone with pets of any sort, it’s hard to imagine what my sister (not to mention Sox!) went through for those 10 months. We are just happy her kitty boy is home again and that he’s safe again from harm.

According to my sister, “Sox already got on the kitchen counter, the table and into a wastepaper basket.  No change there.”

Home again!

What about his new kitty sister Molly? My sister sent a current photo of her, too:

Molly is the queen of the house. How long wiill it be before she and Sox are best buddies?

Molly is the queen of the house. How long will it be before she and Sox are best buddies?



My sister writes: “Thanks for telling Sox’s story in your blog…although the shelter named him ‘Bobert.’  Sox loves playing with his toilet paper toy on the hardwood floors, and has enjoyed playing with all his other little toys too.  He wants out all the time, so we need to be careful every time someone comes in or out of the house.  Now he gets into Molly’s food, since she has basically a wet food diet.  Both cats are very possessive of me, so we have a long way to go for peace in this house.  [My grandson] spent the day here yesterday, so neither cat was happy.”

Post 760: Sox is found…!

I left my computer down till after 8:00 pm today. When I looked in my e-mails, I found this one from my Seattle sister:

I was doing my daily search for Sox this morning and saw his picture on the  Everett Shelter “cats in custody”.  They only hold them for 72 hours before shipping them out to other shelters for adoption.  I called them right away and they said to bring pictures and proof that he was mine. 

Sox won't share his new favorite toy, and gets growly if you try to get near it...!

Sox before he became lost. (He didn’t want to share his toy…!)

I was lucky because his 72 hours were up today.  He was found in Lynnwood quite a few miles from here.  He looks pretty rough and needs grooming badly. 

He knew me right away and couldn’t give me enough head butts.  He had been gone almost 10 months, and I can’t believe I got him back.  A miracle!
Now my challenge is to keep him inside and introduce him to Molly.  I hope they get along OK.  
My sister missed Sox, then eventually got herself a shelter cat named Molly. Molly is a tuxedo kitty like Sox. 
Remember this early photo of Molly, taken shortly after she joined the family?  So much for fears she might not adjust to her new setting!

Molly quickly adjusted to living with my sister. Now she has to adjust to having a cat “brother”, too. 

My sister, though, never gave up hope Sox might show up some day. She checked regional shelter websites daily for her lost Sox.
Today Sox is home again, and I join my sister in rejoicing that her kitty is alive and well after this long absence!
If there is a lesson here, it is don’t give up hope. 

Post 599: Molly, by golly!

Just when I didn’t have any idea on what to do for my next post, I received the latest new photos of Molly. Whew! Thanks, sis!

I’m always happy to hear from my siblings, but especially from my sister in Seattle when she attaches photos of her new cat, Molly Moon, a beautiful long-haired tuxedo.

Molly is a rescue cat, one of those thousands of cats that end up in shelters to await their fate. Thankfully, this sweet cat ended up in a “no kill” shelter, and thankfully, she was available when my sister wanted an older cat. Molly fit the bill!

Remember this early photo of Molly, taken shortly after she joined the family?  So much for fears she might not adjust to her new setting!

Remember this early photo of Molly, taken shortly after she joined the family? So much for fears she might not adjust to her new setting!

I had to repeat that photo because you get to see just how pretty Molly’s “undercarriage” is! She is a classic tuxedo cat, too, with the white whiskers, socks, chest, and facial markings.

One of the new Molly photos...

One of the new Molly photos….  She looks like she’s just about to give my sister “blinky eyes”!

As for adjustment, figuring out the ropes, getting along, figuring out where things are, Molly has done well, too. My sister did a good job of researching potential kitties to adopt.

Molly isn’t the new cat to the family now, but she still has her surprises. Cats are like that! The other day, my sister couldn’t find Molly.

Stuffed toys on top of the armoire....

Stuffed toys on top of the armoire….

My sister isn’t sure how Molly got on top of the armoire, but there she is, right next to the tuxedo kitty, of course! On this Thanksgiving Day, it is safe to say my sister is thankful she found Molly at one of the “no kill” shelters in Seattle.


Andy, Dougy, and I wish you a bountiful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday!