Post 600: “Purdytail” and “Fluffybutt”

In this season of giving thanks, counting one’s blessings, I have to add two to the long list: Purdytail and Fluffybutt. You know them by different names…!

They came to me when I was grieving the loss of Louie the ginger cat, and they added just the right element of fun back into my life. I mean, who can resist the charms of kittens?

Purdytail (left); Fluffybutt (ri9ght)

Purdytail  (AKA Andy) and Fluffybutt (AKA Dougy)

I don’t usually use their nicknames. Andy is so serious a little cat he just doesn’t seem like the nickname sort, even though his nickname features his handsome tail.

His brother Dougy, however, is a full-fledged character, and  the name Dougy seems to capture that sense of him.

By any name, though, Andy and Dougy are a joy in my life, the best reason ever to get up in the morning, if only to see what they destroyed with their claws in the night. 😉

36 thoughts on “Post 600: “Purdytail” and “Fluffybutt”

  1. You are blessed to have your precious fur kids to help you smile every day. We feel the same about Ali. Our Fuzzy cat died of cancer at the age of 14 and four months later we got Ali. She could never replace Fuzzy but she has created a spot on our hearts all her own.

    • You will be happy you did. I have several featuring my late cat Louie (not to mention several featuring my current two rascals!), and it cheers me up to use those Louie mugs, remembering what a wonderful companion he was.

  2. “Fluffybutt” – I am reminded of a cat named Monty (long departed now) that belonged to an old friend. Monty ate a piece of USED dental floss he dragged out of the trash can. She and her husband anxiously awaited for the floss to emerge from the other end of their cat, fearing the worst. All things must pass, and Monty was known as “Old Flossbutt” after that. 🙂

    • I do, too. For one thing, it helps you to learn patience. Sometimes! Just the laughs they bring and the pleasure of petting them and hearing that low rumble of a purr make having cats worth it.

  3. Vanessa from farfetchedfriends was kind enough to send me a mug featuring Maggie. I never place it in the dishwasher and the pictures are still vivid. Love the mugs & the joy the boys bring you my friend!

  4. The mugs are cool. It’s so true us kitties have different personalities and mom couldn’t have me being real lovey dovey in a post because I am anything but tender. However, I do have my moments as I’m sure Andy does.


    • Oh, Andy is a sweetheart in his own way! He likes to have his ears “scritched” and his whiskers rubbed, so he’ll sit just outside of where he thinks I can catch and pick him up but close enough to do that, and we have our moment! When I catch him asleep, he wakes up in a very sweet mood every time, and I try to make use of that time to pet and “scritch” him so he knows I love his little self!

    • I’ve been very pleased with the quality, price, and service of Zazzle. The best part is you don’t have to maintain an inventory, so they take care of everything but spending the profits for you. Ha! My cupboard is full of mugs with cats on them, so the four with Elayne designs will fit right in, even though one is a squirrel, and another is a doggy. They are great designs! Her drawings are soooo droll!

        • One I made periodically gets big hits. It’s a simple t-shirt with the slogan “body by Prednisone” on the front, and the web address of the Vasculitis Foundation on the back. The tedious part, though, is all the profits are for that organization.

          I’d be happy if I could transfer that design to them so they could get the profits directly, but end up periodically figuring out how much of the profits got to them, then rounding that number up to the next increment of $10. That said, I need to send them a check again for the last batch of t-shirts and a mug with a vasculitis message design sold.

          As for profits, mine haven’t been too staggering, but periodically get used to reduce the cost of a personal order by a few dollars.

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