Post 738: Computer issues, mayhem, and cats run amok…!

When I left my computer last night, it was updating 136 items, so “[d]o not turn off your computer”. I went to bed, and left the machine to do its tedious updates. I’d had enough of this computer stuff for the day, what with several attempts — all failures — to do a back up of my files.

I tried several different suggestions you made, in fact, and the last one of copying files manually looks like a winner…if I use a memory stick since the files (videos, photos) really eat up the memory.

What popped up on my screen when I turned my PC on this morning.

What popped up on my screen when I turned my PC on this morning.

Ugh! Not only were there over 100 updates, amazing in itself considering I’d run updates several times this past week when the computer “told” me they were there to do.

Now it “told” me it failed to update, so it was undoing whatever it tried to do. That is, I couldn’t use the computer for anything useful until it finished! (After several minutes, I was so tempted to turn it off that I knew it was best I leave the area, which I did.)


My late mother was a school teacher. She often commented on the relationship between naughtiness in children and weather changes. We had a weather change — lots of rain yesterday — and the cat brothers were wound up.

How wound up? For one thing, one of the window screens was pulled down, evidence of a cat climbing the screen to escape his brother who was chasing him.

Mayhem! Most likely Andy pulled it down since he's my screen climber.

Mayhem! Most likely Andy pulled it down since he’s my screen climber.

Computer down.  Window screen down. What else was in store for me?


I pulled out the laptop, turned it on, and found I still fight the new OS to get simple tasks done. On the other hand, after failing to make much progress on the laptop, I looked back to see the PC was ready to be used.

I turned the laptop off for another day when I’m in a better, more open-minded mood for change, and climbed back on the old horse I knew would probably fail me but in more familiar ways.



Once I came across a cynical saying attributed to a Nantucket sea captain:

Most people don’t care about your problems,

and the rest are damn glad of them.


When I get in a funk like this morning’s, I like to remind myself of that saying. Not that I necessarily believe it is true, but that most people prefer positive people. Try to stay positive even on the blackest days, I remind myself, and…! Heck if I know. But it does seem to help lighten the mood, though my social life remains pretty much the same. 🙂

In the spirit of positivity, I add this photo of Dougy checking out the effects of the rain yesterday day and this morning.

Dougy knows he slip[ped outdoors without permission, but he had to see what happened after the rain!

Dougy knows he slipped outdoors without permission, but he had to see what happened after the rain!

After suffering through the woes of Douglas (the human one), the least I can do is give you a cute kitty photo to end your misery!

Thank you for sticking with me while I suffer the vicissitudes of computers. I respect you too much to get into the latest issue: a printer that refuses to communicate with my PC and vice versa.


Post 734: The g-mail miracle happened!

Miracle of miracles! I stumbled onto g-mail after somehow finally coming up with a credible user name/password combination Google Chrome liked! What a relief!

Dougy checking out the scenery...

Dougy checking out the scenery…

Best of all, re-finding g-mail means I have an easier path to the edit function for this blog! I managed to find a long path here, but the easy one, well, who wouldn’t prefer the easy way over the tedious one!?

I think I might win this war yet!

Post 731: Miracle of miracles, I’m back! Sort of…

Thanks to a nice tax refund, I had sufficient funds to take care of the repair of my messed up computer and buy a Toshiba Satellite laptop.

For those who’ve chastened me for my sloppy file management, I did buy a gizmo — can’t recall the name — with the capacity to save three terabytes of data. I’ll also save some stuff on my computers, but I promise to be better about backups.

No flash...Dougy looks more like himself.

I may get my computer back by Saturday or next Monday. I don’t currently have access to my g-mail account, and I get scary messages when I try to download it. I’ve had my fill of scary messages this week. Anyway, if you comment on anything, I can’t say when I’ll get around to responding because of this, but  I will get back to everyone eventually!

I don’t see a photo processing feature on this laptop — it may be there, hidden in the confusion of a new operating system (WINDOWS 8) that so far leaves me a bit in the dark and out in the cold. Till I get the HP back, then, I’ll recyle my kitty photos on file in WordPress. I mean, you don’t come here for my scintillating prose!

Post 729: Internet and/or computer issues…

I’m dealing with some major Internet and/or computer issues just now. I’m stuck in Safe Mode, so have some limited access to features.

I’m not sure, however, if I will be able to continue posting daily for a while. I’m beginning to think I will have to take my computer to a repair shop for a major fix.


Working with photo files is difficult and very limited as to what I can do.

As much as I hate to pause my blogging, I don’t seem to have a choice. I may post new ones if it is possible, but it looks less and less likely for the time being. Likewise, responding to comments may be less likely till I resolve my Internet and/or computer issues.

Post 343: What Andy saw…

What captured Andy’s attention yesterday while monitoring the error check I had run on my computer? Why was he transfixed?

The error check screen, of course!

The error check screen, of course!

Andy thought the computer error check screen was fascinating. I made a video showing how file data flashed by, the sort of thing a cat is bound to get wrapped up watching! It’s short. I’m pleased with how it turned out. Take a look!

“Mrow!” Andy said, which I’m pretty sure means he wants you to see it. Dougy might pull your leg, but Andy is as somber as a Presbyterian. Watch it, please. Don’t make a kitty cry! Those big Persian eyes will rip your heart out when they fill with tears!

Andy thanks you!