This Incredible Mile Long Wooden Xylophone Plays Bach When You Roll A Ball Down It

Following the horrific news out of Paris, it is good to see our kind also is capable of beauty and joy. I want to dedicate this to the poor souls who died pointlessly, terribly in Paris. Words are beyond me just now.

Michael Bradley - Time Traveler

Have you ever seen a giant wooden xylophone in the forest? Just kidding, of course you haven’t! Well until now that is…. The Japanese adverting agency known as Drill Inc. built a giant wooden xylophone that’s roughly a mile long in the middle of a forest. Each wooden key is made up individual notes, and when a wooden ball starts rolling down it, it plays Bach’s famous Cantata 147. And yeah… they did all of this for a cell phone commercial.

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15 thoughts on “This Incredible Mile Long Wooden Xylophone Plays Bach When You Roll A Ball Down It

    • I’ve seen a dominoes one, but I don’t recall if it had a connection with an i-phone commercial. Regardless, those domino displays can get very elaborate and entertaining! I can’t imagine the patience and thought that goes into them.


    • Bach helps me clear my head when I have complex and contradictory feelings.

      After the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, I remember telling my father I almost felt the best response would be to turn the entire Middle East into radioactive glass. He said, “Then we wouldn’t be any better than the terrorists.” Revenge is a hard emotion to control, and the Iraq war shows how well that can go….!.


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