1091: …in which I reveal a new skill!

You’ve read my petulant account of how I tried to figure out my new smart phone and ran into stupid issues easily solved by the average five year old…but not me! Well, after two days of not figuring out how to turn the dang thing on, I had a breakthrough moment where I not only turned it on, I took the attached photo of Andy, figured out how to gmail it to myself, then downloaded it into a file on my computer.71616 andy sleeps

I’m impressed with the image quality, considering the teeny-tiny lens and that the phone actually reproduces Andy’s color nicely, showing his subtle shading. I’m starting to like this phone, even if it is a mystery how one can ever figure out all it can do. I look forward to making videos with it since I found out how to do that, too.   

Of course, as soon as I say “I can”, something happens (or doesn’t happen) so “I can’t”! I have some photos of Dougy on my phone that I followed the exact same process of sending to my computer as the photo above, and they didn’t show up. Sooooo….! I took a photo of a photo because Dougy fans deserve their kitty dose, too!

Dougy deserves better representation...and I will figure this out someday!

Dougy deserves better representation…and I will figure this out someday!

I am pleased to note, since the photo above, I did figure it out, and the results follow. I aim to please the Dougy fans! Best, you get to see the actual photo instead of a lame photo of a photo. (Second photo that follows…) Seems I misspelled “weggyboy” in my gmail address, and that was the reason my attempt to send the Dougy photos from my phone to my PC failed. It’s always something simple and stupid, eh?!

Dougy comes for a visit!

Dougy comes for a visit!

"Oh! A mouse!" Dougy's in on the joke, though.

“Oh! A mouse!” I exclaim for Dougy’s benefit.
Dougy’s in on the joke, though.

"I've heard that one before....! > yawn <

“I’ve heard that one before….!  > YAWWWWNNNN <