1091: …in which I reveal a new skill!

You’ve read my petulant account of how I tried to figure out my new smart phone and ran into stupid issues easily solved by the average five year old…but not me! Well, after two days of not figuring out how to turn the dang thing on, I had a breakthrough moment where I not only turned it on, I took the attached photo of Andy, figured out how to gmail it to myself, then downloaded it into a file on my computer.71616 andy sleeps

I’m impressed with the image quality, considering the teeny-tiny lens and that the phone actually reproduces Andy’s color nicely, showing his subtle shading. I’m starting to like this phone, even if it is a mystery how one can ever figure out all it can do. I look forward to making videos with it since I found out how to do that, too.   

Of course, as soon as I say “I can”, something happens (or doesn’t happen) so “I can’t”! I have some photos of Dougy on my phone that I followed the exact same process of sending to my computer as the photo above, and they didn’t show up. Sooooo….! I took a photo of a photo because Dougy fans deserve their kitty dose, too!

Dougy deserves better representation...and I will figure this out someday!

Dougy deserves better representation…and I will figure this out someday!

I am pleased to note, since the photo above, I did figure it out, and the results follow. I aim to please the Dougy fans! Best, you get to see the actual photo instead of a lame photo of a photo. (Second photo that follows…) Seems I misspelled “weggyboy” in my gmail address, and that was the reason my attempt to send the Dougy photos from my phone to my PC failed. It’s always something simple and stupid, eh?!

Dougy comes for a visit!

Dougy comes for a visit!

"Oh! A mouse!" Dougy's in on the joke, though.

“Oh! A mouse!” I exclaim for Dougy’s benefit.
Dougy’s in on the joke, though.

"I've heard that one before....! > yawn <

“I’ve heard that one before….!  > YAWWWWNNNN <

36 thoughts on “1091: …in which I reveal a new skill!

  1. Modern cell phone cameras can be amazing for both the level of detail and the low light capability. You might not even need to use the flash. Some phones even have photo apps built in for post-processing exposure, brightness, color balance, etc.

    I envision a future now when you just aim in the general direction and shoot a single 180 degree image capturing everything in all directions. Everything from focus, to exposure, to cropping and rotation, can be done after the fact. My iPhone does almost all of that now.

    • Mine has the editing features you mention, and I’m just discovering how they work! Yes, the low light capability is very good, better than my little point and shoot Nikon camera. Of course, I still can do more with Photoshop, which I have on my PC.

      • Yes dear Weggie, it is not easy days right now. Especially when we learn the details,… still I can’t believe what we lived. I feel strange right now, I don’t want to do anything, but I know life goes on… We should be strong and we should be thankful that they stopped. I can’t imagine opposite of this!!!! Thank you so much, love, nia

  2. That’s a great photo of Dougy and his wide open eyes, I’m guessing no flash was used. 🙂

    What bugs me is doing something and then forgetting how in heck that was achieved the next time. No wonder we say some bad words.

    • Thanks to the US Army, I have a rich vocabulary of bad words to chose from…and do! There was a flash, but Dougy hadn’t been exposed to my phone camera flash yet. He now knows what it does and flinches. See my Post 1092. Ye see his regular reaction to flash there!

  3. MOL mew!…love Dougy’s response to your humour. You seem to have the same sense of humour as mom.
    Andy does look sharp and the camera did capture his shading very nicely. The first picture of Dougy and his laser eyes scared Kali. She’s under the bed but she’ll be out when she gets hungry. The photos of Dougy from your phone are very good.


    • I was pleased with the results! I used it again for Post 1092’s photos. It also has a panorama feature that I should try when I feel more competent using the phone. The landscapes around here are naturals for a panorama approach!

  4. Enlightenment comes to those who persevere!! I have decided to put the blame on the bloody small keyboards and buttons. As with your mistyped email being the problem, similar things turn out to be at the rootof a lot of my tech issues. It’s either that or catastrophe like total drive failure otr a phone down the toilet!The boty do come out looking great on your phone.

    • A fine summary of the woes of smartphonery! LOL! The boys and I thank you! They do seem to be just fine on it.I am amazed at the resolution of the camera for such a compact unit.

  5. Wow! I didn’t realize phone photos were that good! That said, I’ve misplaced my camera (husband borrowed it and forgets where he put it down – I’ll probably find it in the garage). So, when Kiara was by, she was kind enough to use her phone to take Purrseidon’s photo for today’s blog and send it to me. I have got to figure out our cell phone, so I can do this myself.

    • I was impressed, too. It was easier than I thought, but the phone came without a manual so I had to stumble on the process. I did find a manual on line, but it presumes preknowledge of some functions, functions about which I lack that same preknowledge!

    • Yes, they had a session at the groomer’s last Tuesday. They get what the groomer calls a “Teddybear cut”. That style is less severe than the “lion cut”, and, I think, is a better look that serves the same purpose of controlling matting, a chronic problem with Persians even if you brush them regularly. They tend to mat under their limbs and behind the ears. Amazingly, that long hair on their tails seems incapable of matting.

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