Post 1771: catnaps day…

I wasn’t going to post today, then I realized there would be concerns and questions if I didn’t. So, here’s the big skinny: It’s a cool, rainy day here, and the kitty boys and I want to enjoy some catnaps. Just that, nothing more!

35 thoughts on “Post 1771: catnaps day…

    • No one here to take my photo except me when I turn the smart phone into a selfie photo camera, and that requires me to operate it!

    • Yes, they do, though they aren’t real happy about the thunder. They don’t hide when it thunders, but I think the loud noise bothers them because of how their ears fold back afterwards.

    • I hope you have a nice one! Even though it is cool here today, I did appreciate being able to be toasty-warm under the comforter.

    • Hope you did! My sister in Seattle says you guys are enduring the sorts of temperatures I expect in July in the middle of the continental USA.

      • The problem is that the number of days it is really hot is minimal, so next to no one bothers with the expense of air conditioning in their homes. It will be stifling before long inside. The “long hairs” are stretching out.

        • My sister, who lives in Seattle, made a similar comment about home AC and the current hot spell. She said AC in cars is another matter – she wouldn’t be without it.

          • Me, too, Greg, but we regularly have high 90s and low 100s here in July-early September. I once had a neighbor who had a car made for the Mexican market. It didn’t have a heater! That was a real problem in winter. I once had an Audi without A/C. It had a sunroof. I thought that would be adequate for a comfortable ride in hot weather. I soon learned otherwise! (Think “convection oven”. Ha!)

    • Good idea – and take that nap, too, Phenny. Tell you Dad he should as well. He’s been putting too many things together lately. That would tire me out really fast!

      • Further, because the kitty boys get me up at god-awful-o’clock every day, I also can go take a nap any time during the night as well.

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