Post 1105: Where’s the deer?

I included a photo of a deer camouflaged in thick cover in my photos of my day trip to Northwest Nebraska’s Chadron State Park. What I didn’t do is highlight the photo so you could easily locate the deer.

Here, for those of you didn’t see the white-tailed deer is a clue:deerThe deer‘s front end is in the yellow circle, but here’s a further enlargement of the whole deer. The yellow arrow points at her head:


Post 1104: Deborah’s cats get a ‘nip treat…

Deborah of the cats-to-Paris post has good news for her three kitties: The ‘nip is flourishing! She writes:


My garden has done well this year, but the outstanding crop of the year goes to my catnip plant, which is two years old.

image (1)

It is in full bloom now.

73016 deborahs cat 1

So I decided to see if the cats appreciated the crop.  I brought in a branch and left it on the door of the carrier that André has claimed as his home.

73016 deborahs cat 2 73016 deborahs cat 3

But he is not the principal addict in the family.  Soon Charles arrived.
There was a bit of a scuffle.  Charles is alpha cat, but André got his turn too.

73016 deborahs cat 473016 deborahs cat 5

Fortunately they know when to quit and call it a day, although not without salivating all over me and getting a good scratch on cheeks and tummy.


Thanks, Deborah! Not only do your contributions add a nice additional touch of black “cat-ness” to the blog, I enjoy seeing and reading how your kitties are doing!