Post 1076: Andy and Dougy enjoyed the albacore….!

Not that there was any doubt, but Andy and Dougy enjoyed their birthday albacore treat! Of course, the celebration didn’t go without a hiccup: I wasn’t paying close attention to the time, and was late for my dialysis. That meant the boys were home alone a wee bit longer than normal. They noticed it was past “feed the kitties time”, and responded to the tragic moment in typical fashion:

Andy, Andy, Andy! If it weren't your birthday, I'd be upset with you!

Andy, Andy, Andy! If it weren’t your birthday, I’d be upset with you!

The boys are unanimous on this: Albacore tastes darn yummy!

The boys are unanimous on this: Albacore tastes darn yummy!

"Send me to 'Altuna' if this isn't darn good!" said Dougy.

“Send me to ‘Altuna’ if this isn’t darn good!” said Dougy.

Tastes good! Must be Charlie the Tuna!" says Andy.

“Tastes good! Can’t be Charlie the Tuna!” says Andy.

For those who don’t live in the USA or have familiarity with American cities, Altoona is in Pennsylvania. Charlie the Tuna is a cartoon fish who tries to get into the can of the company that runs the commercials, but is thwarted because he tries to demonstrate he has good taste, but they are looking for tunas that taste good…