Laptop died, I guess

I may be absent from WordPress for a bit till I work out laptop issues. This is done on my smart phone, a tedious and excruciatingly slow and irritating process….

55 thoughts on “Laptop died, I guess

  1. Maybe Andy and Dougy can have a look at it. We kitties are pretty handy. Mom’s computer has been kind of acting up a bit lately, too. The messenger window keeps popping up first thing when the machine starts and the safari search engine comes back with an error message. I think I need to optimize the machine for her and do some kitty sleuthing to figure out the problems. Tee hee hee.

    • I’d gladly turn IT responsibiltiies over to the kitty boys, but they tell me they enjoy life too much to be bothered! (Besides, they purr under their breath, they don’t like those words and that attitude I have when things don’t work!)

  2. Good luck with it Doug. My laptop worked fine but I had to replace it because the power cords kept dying (3) and I couldn’t charge it. Bloody nuisance.

    • I’m up on again on a new laptop. It has a bigger screen and some other features that are an improvement over the crapped out old one. One thing that’s nice is all the keys function. The old one had a “stutter”. Some keys worked part of the time, other times not. That proved tedious, especially when passwords included the numerals or letters that periodically didn’t work. It also had issues recognizing the WiFi signal. sometimes blanking out briefly. My Internet provider got lots of calls from me, probably not their problem in retrospect. Oh well, for the cost of the service, I’m glad they got to work a bit for it!

    • I picked upo the new laptop yesterday. I bought it he day before but let the IT guy where I bought up do the set up so I didn’t mess things up like I always do. I had enough aggravation for the year! Anyway, it works fine and is much nicer than the old one. Best of all, it has a bigger screen, a plus for working on photos.

    • I’m trying to figure out how to use my smart phone to do this… Tedious and a tiny screen and keyboard make itan unpleasant effort.

  3. Aww, Doug! I hope your laptop gets well soon! Given that a home computer/internet-accessible device is a necessity these days, it’s kind of critical, even for those who don’t blog. (And yes, I hate writing on my iPhone too. That itty bitty “keyboard” makes me want to tear out my hair.

  4. So sorry but the bigger question The Tribe of Five must ask is, what keyboard will your felines in residence sit on now? The phone is much too small!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Tucker & The Tribe of Five

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