Post 1900: Andy’s taken up occupancy…


Andy established his desire to eat kitty treats all day by hopping up on the recliner footrest and hinting. Now he decided this is a good place to, well, spend his day! Never know, after all, when the human will get up and walk in the general direction of the kitty treat place. Best better be available in case he needs to give out kitty treats! In the meantime, Andy takes a cat nap.

Post 1899: making a happy kitty boy…

Dougy expects more than wand toy play. Head rubs, massages, and a good brushing make him a happy kitty boy! He especially likes to have his chin brushed. Of course, he likes to hear me call him a pretty kitty, too!


Post 1898: Dougy’s inscrutable…

I try to figure out what Dougy wants, but nothing stops the whining. Then it strikes me. He saw me eating crackers. He wants to smell my fingers! LOL! 

Post 1897: “make do” Sunday…kitty boys on strike


The kitty boys protested. “You make us pose for photos seven days a week! You must have enough photos to plaster Nebraska!” (Well, I do….) 

“Use something you have on hand, buster. We’re on strike!” (So I have. I found this collage featuring Dougy being a poop and cheating at “wand toy”. So typical! Best of all, I don’t remember using it before!)

Post 1896: cat logic…

I just decided to move over to the recliner from the glide rocker. Dougy anticipated my move and beat me to it! (“Dang cat!”)

He mocks me with his eyes! “I have the best seat in the house! Nyah!” (“I’m 25 times your size, Dougy…!”)


Dougy “hides” in plain view. You know, he can’t see me, so, in cat logic, I can’t see him! If I can’t see him, then he can stay in the recliner as long as he wants. What? Well, “cat logic”!

Post 1895: Hint! Hint!

Andy is a quiet kitty, but he communicates in his own way: presence! He wanted kitty treats, so occupied the recliner arm till I gave in and gave him his treats.

Post 1894: What time is it..?

Kitty food time! Woo hoo!

Post 1893: Andy’s play style…

It’s kind of “What do you want from me, what, what, what?!” That’s his style. Eventually, he’ll bat it around, but I interrupted a bathing session in this instance.


Post 1892: “Dum-dee-dum-dum meow-meow-meow…”


Andy gives this video for kitties five stars! The sound track is a bit tiresome –  listen as long as you can – but it is,  after all, a kitty video, one Andy accidentally turned off several times during the play by stepping up closer to the screen and walking on the keyboard. 


Post 1891: early in the morning…

Simple things start the morning till the coffee kicks in.