Post 1900:the grooming plan for the kitty boys…

Andy and Dougy have their next grooming appointment Wednesday, November 14th. I recently talked with Athena, their groomer, and we decided to try a different look. Namely, “Persian cat”! You know, long hair, with hygienic trim on their cute little butts, underarm trims to deal with mat formation in those difficult places, a bath, hair conditioner, a blow dry, and a comb-out.

They are such pretty cats when their hair grows out, it seems a shame to trim them down, even though the teddy bear cut I have been getting for them is pretty cute. It should be healthier for them this winter to have hair, too. Come summer, I’ll talk with Athena again to plan for what’s best for the kitty boys. 

In the photos above, Dougy in artificial light, above right, looks more like Andy (below does in the bottom right photo taken in natural light.