Post 1904: I call them “Slick”!

Andy cleans up well. That’s the groomed Andy on the left, and the slovenly, ruffled Andy on the right. Dougy wouldn’t co-operate as much, but he looks pretty, well, pretty, too! 

Andy was a bit naughty, though. He gave his groomer a scratch on her arm. (I left a $20 tip. Yeah….) Dougy was much better behaved since he likes me to brush him more than Andy does. 

Dougy after his trip to the groomer’s on the left, and before on the right. It isn’t that easy to see the difference, but there is a lot of difference when I brush the kitty boys!

As for that naughty behavior (Andy), I’m using Andy’s medicine time to brush him as well. So far, so good…. (No scratches, at least!)