Post 2121: Andy joins me for the movie…


Andy’s always up for a good movie, and my Dutch friend Marianne recommended a French movie – “Le Semeur” – that fit the bill.


At least it was till a love scene, which upset Andy.. .. I mean, blah-blah-blah (this is a G-rated blog, so that was the, um, you-know-what part!), which Andy didn’t understand because…


…the man  ended “it” by reading poetry to his lover. Andy tried blocking it out part way by closing one eye. Some of this scene caught his interest, silly cat! 

“Come on, Andy, would you rather they recline under the thick smog of a Gauloises cigarette, which weren’t marketed till 60 years after the film took place?” I asked, but he’d skeddadled. I guess cats don’t like poetry.

It’s a beautifully filmed movie based on a true event in 1851. I recommend it if you like period pieces and French film. What does Andy know? He just stops by to block the subtitles!