Post 2102: Andy’s favorite toy…

Andy comes out of the depths of darkness when he sees the latest addition to the kitty toys: the striped fabric thingy on a wand. (No idea what to call the darn thing – perhaps “The Whip”? Incidentally, he turned his head when photographed. He doesn’t have four eyes! LOL!)

He hops up on the cat-ravaged recliner to get a better look at this temptation. Dougy isn’t around, so all’s the better! Andy gets it all to himself!

Woo hoo! Andy gets his – RAWR! – kitty on.

He tries to take off with it. That’s his style. Take the toy where he can have his way with it in the comfort of some dark place. I make sure that doesn’t happen or we’d never know where Andrew took it!

More! More! More! Wee Andy plays like he never played before!

The play goes on and on. I am happy to see Andy having fun!

Where we started. Incidentally, the whip part of the old whip toy is still in use by the kitty boys for the kitty game they made up. All of this play with the new whip toy got Andy whipped – pun intended! – into such a play frenzy that several times during the day I heard his howl to try to get Dougy to come running to play “The Kitty Game”. Dougy finally stopped responding. I guess he was all played out.