Post 2099: sometimes I just look at them…

Sometimes I just look at Dougy (above) and Andy and think, “I can’t believe these pedigree kitty boys were just given to me. They may not be show quality, but I think they are soooo pretty!”

Pedigree or not, Dougy is a naughty kitty! His ottoman bares witness to that!

Then there is shy Andy, “hiding” just out of reach. Dougy claims me as his human, but Andy does, too.

If I put my hand over to touch Andy, though, he becomes alarmed: “Is he going to give me medicine? Oh no! OH NO!” I have to be careful not to press him too hard or he will scamper away even though my only intention was to give him kitty loving!

Andy is a very sweet-natured kitty! If he wants to sit there on the walker to watch me, fine!

Post 2098: “It lives!”

Poke! Poke! Poke!


Maybe this will make it move!

It moves!

Why it’s a Dougy cat!

Post 2097: morning ritual…

Andy snoops on the two Dougs. What’s up?

Yeah, that attention hound, Dougy, is making the other Doug “scritch” him! See that unfocused look of bliss?

Well, that was great while it lasted, but now Dougy needs to take a morning bath.

Washity-wash-wash-wash! Dougy gets it on! This will be one very clean kitty by the time he’s through!

No dignity here.

“Oh, brother!” Andy’s seen enough of this charade.

Post 2096: mockingbirds hold their own…

Dougy didn’t react to this insult.

Hard to believe Douglas barely touches the top surface of this mockingbird or…

…this. I mean, he really puts his kitty philosophy of “KILL! KILL! KILL!” on these kitty toys, snatching them out of the air and shaking them violently as long as they move, thanks to me.

The only damage on the bottom side is a little loose string or two on this mockingbird and…

…not much of anything I can spot on this one. Has Dougy given up? Is he putting on a kitty show for my benefi, but giving the mockingbirds a break for their sake? I think not! They just seem to be better made than most kitty toys. Andy is more gentle with them -“kill, kill, kill” instead of “KILL! KILL! KILL!” – but he still is pretty rough, just not as rough as Dougy, when it comes to kitty toys.


Post 2095: “We gotta do it, Andy!”

There’s a hubbub in the north bathroom and it interrupts Dougy’s catnap…again!

I mean, Dougy is really, really, really tired and he has to put up with that!

Yes, it’s kitty medicine time again! Andy puts up a good resistance…

…but I wrestle him closer and closer.

At some point, Andy snuggles against my neck. I pet and talk quietly to him. “We gotta do it, Andy. We gotta do it!”

I slowly maneuver him into the crook of my arm, a position that makes it possible to…

…wrap him…

…in a towel, kitty burrito style, so I can give him his twice-daily medicine. He’s pretty good about this, though he yowls a bit the closer we get to wrapping him in the towel.

Post 2094: wand toy wins the cat…

I try to get Dougy interested in the string wand toy. The plain string off the broken one is a big hit with the kitty brothers, yet this fresh one barely gets play time. Andy doesn’t seem interested at all in this new one, and Dougy barely is.

Cats will be cats! Dougy can’t resist it now.

First touch…

…then mouth it.

Oops! On the floor. So much for now.

Post 2093: Dougy gets his points across…

Dougy wants to make four points this morning

…one on each toe!

Capisce? (Gotcha, kitty. I’ll leave you be for now!)

Post 2092: Is this a strike?

Andy’s nowhere to be seen, and Dougy’s not cooperating.

Is this a strike? (I counter by taking Dougy’s photos from unflattering angles. LOL!)

Post 2091: after kitty food time…

Lucky Dougy! He can relax after kitty food time

…but Andy sneaks around in the dark (the reason this is in black and white) because he knows it’s time for kitty medicine time. Yuck!

Post 2090: asparagus, not a kitty…

Seriously, my favorite part of spring is when asparagus arrives at the grocery store My second favorite time is when it doesn’t cost $6.00 a pound so I can afford to make my favorite asparagus dish – steamed asparagus on wheat toast with chopped boiled egg in a bechamel sauce, topped with a bit of parmesan cheese. Yum. I add various spices to the bechamel sauce, rarely the same, though garlic, and a sprinkle of paprika are the ones that rarely change. I could eat this every day and never tire of it!

Dougy’s sad because he thinks I love asparagus more than kitties. [Kitties/asparagus…kitties/asparagus…kitties/asparagus. I’m going to have to think about this one!]