Guest Author Post 2

It cb again from Contrafactual

Doug just called and is in good spirits. His prognosis is somewhat better than he originally thought.

We then joined in a group rant on the evils of smartphones and the difficulties of thumb typing and autocorrect, especially when one has fat thumbs and old eyes. But at least he does have access to the blog and can read all of your comments and well wishes. Unfortunately he won’t be able to post any new kitty content.

It was good to hear from him and we talked for a while before he needed to hang up to deal with the health care provider du jour.

Stay tuned …

Post 2158: in which I realize I can do this from hospital

IMG_20190731_093210…missing you! I am much better but still in hospital. This is difficult to do because typing screen posts over actual screen so it’s a blind effort. Please look at old posts  for your kitty boy fix . Andy’s to and Rough ain(Andy and Dougy, in smartphonese) are in great hands, safe and loved – and given kitty food and kitty treats – by my friend Judy. This message only took two and a halfish hours to create but I love you all! This definitely is it till I get home.

Guest Author

Hi cb here from

Just got off of the phone with Doug who asked me to update you all on his situation. Doug has developed a lung infection and is on the way to hospital in Scott’s Buff (via ambulance). The kittie boys are squared away with a friend taking care of them, so no need to worry there. Doug thinks he will be offline for a few weeks without access to the internet or this blog.

At least this time* he has his cell phone with him, so I hope to keep in touch with him. I will do my best to update him with your comments but it might be hard to read him thousands of get well comments so I may have to summarize.

Stay tuned …

* see

Post 2157: kitty lounger war update…


Yes, Dougy took over the kitty lounger while Andy hid from me to avoid his medicine, (He got his medicine. Poor kitty! He lost twice today!)

Post 2156: too hot!

It’s so miserable the kitty boys don’t have the energy to squabble! Hiding in cool places and drinking water are the main activities for man and beast.

Post 2155: Uh oh! Bugged again!


Uh oh! I’m not waiting for Dougy to catch this one!


Dougy will be disappointed.


p.s. It and the paper towel used to “snuff” it are safely sealed in a plastic sandwich bag.

Post 2154: Andy’s being extra social today…


Andy stopped by for a social call today…


…so I extended my “paw”.


We had a pleasant time!

Post 2153: “All clear!”


Dougy’s on patrol. Are there bugs around the table lamp?


Nope! All clear! Dougy goes off to check the rest of his patrol area. 

Post 2152: Andy’s busy day…

Here, in exclusive low light photos is Andy and Dougy sorting out who gets to stay on the kitty lounger they both claim. Andy’s on the lounger. Dougy got bopped on the head and he ran into the guest bedroom. Andy gloated about winning this round in “The Terribly Serious, Mean-Spirited War For Control Of The Kitty Lounger Both Brothers Want”. Whew! This is how Andy topped being a naughty kitty by hiding for almost four hours to avoid his medicine. Bad, bad kitty! I had a long, serious talk with him, balancing his little butt on my knee and holding him up, supporting him under his little arms. I forced him to look straight into my eyes, in violation of kitty rules of etiquette. I WAS MAD!

Andy felt bad. My talk apparently penetrated his little head because he gave me exclusive attention most of the morning. He was the most playful he’s been in a long time. We had fun wand toy playtime that lasted nearly an hour!


He drew the line at brushing, so we settled for “scritching”. Yeah, it’s hard to stay mad at such a sweet kitty boy!

Post 2151: I’m better today…


The kitty boys were concerned about why I spent the day Monday in bed. They came around as a team, meowing, patting me till I woke and sat up. This they did several times during the day. Apparently, the chicken I ate Sunday was tainted. Something, at least, knocked me out for a day! I’ll spare you details.


Nice to know the kitty boys were concerned. (“Who will open the cans? Who will open the cans!?”) 


Of course, without me around, who’d “scritch” the kitty boys? No wonder they were concerned! 

p.s. I feel much better today, if a bit weak.