Guest Author Post 2

It cb again from Contrafactual

Doug just called and is in good spirits. His prognosis is somewhat better than he originally thought.

We then joined in a group rant on the evils of smartphones and the difficulties of thumb typing and autocorrect, especially when one has fat thumbs and old eyes. But at least he does have access to the blog and can read all of your comments and well wishes. Unfortunately he won’t be able to post any new kitty content.

It was good to hear from him and we talked for a while before he needed to hang up to deal with the health care provider du jour.

Stay tuned …

34 thoughts on “Guest Author Post 2

  1. You are a good furriend to Mr. Doug. Mom says she got aggrivated with “auto correct” (whatever that is) and then found a setting on her phone to shut it off. She’s much happier now. Tee hee hee.

    • Autocorrect is a misguided f=effort my a machine to antifipate whatg you wanted to say. Someth=imes it says some things that are really embarrassing to you, things you don’t spot till after you hit “SEND” or the enter key!

    • I had an infection that an antibiotic infusion one morning left me feeling healed the next morning when I woke up. I did have a short hospitalizastion for further tests, but that went well. The main thing was I didn’t have spesis or the early stages of infection in the blood, the original concern…

  2. We then joined in a group rant on the evils of smartphones and the difficulties of thumb typing and autocorrect, especially when one has fat thumbs and old eyes.

    LOL! I know what you mean! I hate/love texting with my kids, because on the one hand, it’s the quickest way to contact them and get photos from them: but on the other hand, I wince at all the typos I make because of automatic editing and my own terrible vision combined with klutzy fingers. (I blame the arthritis and carpal tunnel.) Anyway, feel better, Doug! Don’t worry about kitty content, we just miss you.

          • They are…Adorable! What did you expoect me to write, DOlly? LOL! Yes, they are fine, and both are trying hard to be nice to me.

          • I called my friend Judy, who’d some experience with them from 2016 when I was hospitalized in Denver, then had two bouts of month-long therapy and dialysis each at care centers in Denver and Scottsbluff, Nebraska. A couple who then lived across the lane also helped in a big way with their care. At any rate, Iknew the kitty boys would love, love, love seeing her again (they were!) and the stress would be minimized. She came over to my place to care for them so the major difference was I wasn’t the one giving the food and water.

            They were curious about who I was when I arrived home – I had hospital stink covering me, I suppose – but became clingy after a few minutes so they could deposit their scent on me, thank you! LOL!

            After an hour, I suppose, we were back to routine again.

          • I am glad to hear that. When we go away for a few days, a lady friend who lives nearby takes care of my guys. She is a cat lady herself, she’s done it for quite a few years, and they know and love her, but still, when we come back, at first they demonstrate their displeasure at being abandoned, and then, as you have described, “become clingy.”

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