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Hi cb here from

Just got off of the phone with Doug who asked me to update you all on his situation. Doug has developed a lung infection and is on the way to hospital in Scott’s Buff (via ambulance). The kittie boys are squared away with a friend taking care of them, so no need to worry there. Doug thinks he will be offline for a few weeks without access to the internet or this blog.

At least this time* he has his cell phone with him, so I hope to keep in touch with him. I will do my best to update him with your comments but it might be hard to read him thousands of get well comments so I may have to summarize.

Stay tuned …

* see

Post 2157: kitty lounger war update…


Yes, Dougy took over the kitty lounger while Andy hid from me to avoid his medicine, (He got his medicine. Poor kitty! He lost twice today!)