Post 2129: A big deal tomorrow!


Dougy’s ready for the kitty boys’ eighth birthday tomorrow, July 1st. Rumor has it there’s tuna water in it for them. They already got their toys (wand toys and the now-hidden catnip banana…), but the only thing they really want is that tuna water. Oddly, they won’t eat the albacore, so Doug the human ends up eating it, though he’s not complaining about that!

Post 2128: What a dump!

IMG_20190628_100502 (1)

Love my kitties – this is Andy – but…


…the little darlings can make such a mess.

Post 2127: Dougy’s curiosity finally catches up with him…


Andy loves his new territory. Dougy sees that and has a burst of curiosity.


He waits till he can wait no more. Will Andy ever leave the television stand so he, Dougy, can check it out? Andy teases his brother…because he can! He leaves to get a drink of water, so Dougy does what Dougy will do – he snoops!

IMG_20190625_205521 Now that Andy’s gone, he can sniff to his heart’s content!  Sniff! Sniff! Sniff!


Is that Andy coming back. Maybe not…!


Sniff! Sniff! Sniff! Interesting information, this! Andy’s wee butt left tons of intelligence on this spot for Dougy to sniff out.


Maybe that’s Andy in the guest bedroom. Dougy hears something, but it’s not a cat.


I guarantee that’s not Andy on the ceiling, Douglas! Hee! Hee! Silly cat!


Dougy reluctantly agrees. Cats can’t fly, amazing as they are.


“Buh-bye!” Dougy finishes his investigation. 

Post 2126: Hint! Hint!


Andy is putting on a show of some sort.


I don’t pick up on his message….


Oh! Now I get it!


Andy wants a good “scritching”!



Post 2125: new territory…


Andy spends a lot of time on the television stand. It seems…


…it is to Andy what the ottoman is to Dougy: His territory! So when Dougy walks by to go into the guest bedroom, Andy becomes upset. Really upset!  Shortly after this photo was taken, Andy hopped off the television stand and chased Dougy through the apartment.






Post 2124: priorities…


While Andy takes care of business…


…something comes flying through the air.


Andy knows what to do! But…


…he prefers to take care of business!


Post 2123: debunking a notion…


Contrary to popular belief…







Post 2122: the storm…


It’s that time of year. It seems we have a late afternoon thunderstorm every day. The kitty boys typically cluster closer to me.


Eek! That was a really big boom! Andy and Dougy are a bit tense.


Whew! Storm’s over! We didn’t get any “quarter-sized hail that will damage cars and homes” nor any of the “possible tornadic winds with gusts up to 60 mph” the National Weather Bureau warned of. We can relax again, at least till tomorrow’s predicted storm, and the one for the day after that, then…! It’s that time of year.

Post 2121: Andy joins me for the movie…


Andy’s always up for a good movie, and my Dutch friend Marianne recommended a French movie – “Le Semeur” – that fit the bill.


At least it was till a love scene, which upset Andy.. .. I mean, blah-blah-blah (this is a G-rated blog, so that was the, um, you-know-what part!), which Andy didn’t understand because…


…the man  ended “it” by reading poetry to his lover. Andy tried blocking it out part way by closing one eye. Some of this scene caught his interest, silly cat! 

“Come on, Andy, would you rather they recline under the thick smog of a Gauloises cigarette, which weren’t marketed till 60 years after the film took place?” I asked, but he’d skeddadled. I guess cats don’t like poetry.

It’s a beautifully filmed movie based on a true event in 1851. I recommend it if you like period pieces and French film. What does Andy know? He just stops by to block the subtitles!

Post 2120: Andy never tires of “the snake”!


Andy enjoys “the snake” most of all the kitty boys’ toys!


He pounces on it before it lands then pins it down firmly until he can chew it to death!


When Andy gets his kitty on, he’s a puma in his mind, not that sweet little guy you know from this blog.