Guest Author Post 2

It cb again from Contrafactual

Doug just called and is in good spirits. His prognosis is somewhat better than he originally thought.

We then joined in a group rant on the evils of smartphones and the difficulties of thumb typing and autocorrect, especially when one has fat thumbs and old eyes. But at least he does have access to the blog and can read all of your comments and well wishes. Unfortunately he won’t be able to post any new kitty content.

It was good to hear from him and we talked for a while before he needed to hang up to deal with the health care provider du jour.

Stay tuned …

Post 2158: in which I realize I can do this from hospital

IMG_20190731_093210…missing you! I am much better but still in hospital. This is difficult to do because typing screen posts over actual screen so it’s a blind effort. Please look at old posts  for your kitty boy fix . Andy’s to and Rough ain(Andy and Dougy, in smartphonese) are in great hands, safe and loved – and given kitty food and kitty treats – by my friend Judy. This message only took two and a halfish hours to create but I love you all! This definitely is it till I get home.