Post 2152: Andy’s busy day…

Here, in exclusive low light photos is Andy and Dougy sorting out who gets to stay on the kitty lounger they both claim. Andy’s on the lounger. Dougy got bopped on the head and he ran into the guest bedroom. Andy gloated about winning this round in “The Terribly Serious, Mean-Spirited War For Control Of The Kitty Lounger Both Brothers Want”. Whew! This is how Andy topped being a naughty kitty by hiding for almost four hours to avoid his medicine. Bad, bad kitty! I had a long, serious talk with him, balancing his little butt on my knee and holding him up, supporting him under his little arms. I forced him to look straight into my eyes, in violation of kitty rules of etiquette. I WAS MAD!

Andy felt bad. My talk apparently penetrated his little head because he gave me exclusive attention most of the morning. He was the most playful he’s been in a long time. We had fun wand toy playtime that lasted nearly an hour!


He drew the line at brushing, so we settled for “scritching”. Yeah, it’s hard to stay mad at such a sweet kitty boy!