17 thoughts on “03April21: just Andy…

  1. Our youngest kitty, Sir Feisty Dingo, still believes in the Easter Bunny — but not in a way that leaves safe passage for E. Bunny 🙂 Fortunately, Feisty would be unlikely to keep up with Easter B.

    • Thank you, Michel! My approach to still photography is based on how I used to work as a motion picture photographer. Angle of shot, high, low shots, closeups, long shots, midium shots – I do whatever seems right to tell a story.

    • LOL! Andy likes to do that, too, though most times he just wants me to “scritch” him and tell him what a good kitty boys he is. If I stop before he’s through with me, though, then the murder paws snag me and bring me back.

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