03May21: black hole…

Andy is shocked! What is this darkness on the electronic window…again???

Andy hops over for a better look. 

“…darkness…more darkness…my soul feels sucked into the darkness…”

“…empty…where are they all now…?” [I call Andy’s name. He seems distant, like the abyss that is my cable provider’s service. I hope I can bring him back!]

Is that you Andy? He seems less focused, changed, scary even. Daemon catt! What has Spectrum done to my kitty boy???

[No kitties were harmed making this post. After a short nap, Andy woke up, himself again. The Spectrum voice said the service would return around 10:30 pm. At midnight-ish, things were back to normal-ish. Good thing I pay so much for this service because I genuinely can be outraged when it stinks!]

23 thoughts on “03May21: black hole…

  1. My grandma and grandpa have stinky service, too. It’s always acting up on them. When Mom Facetimes them they can see her on the screen, but they can’t hear her voice. Mom has no problems hearing or seeing them, though.

    • Maddening! When I was a kid, we had three channels period, with one so terrible I tried to watch a Mexico-Netherlands football game on the station but I couldn’t tell which team was which, despite their “loud” colored uniforms, the bro9adcast was so poor!

  2. Ah ! We have Spectrum too -and whenever we want to watch the Cleveland baseball team, the channel is seldom available, A phone call would usually result in someone insisting it was my equipment and would need a rep to come out (Nope !). But this year they now put up a green box saying they cannot tune in the channel. Luckily I have the radio broadcasts…Good luck with your black hole and better luck for your black kitty !

      • I had satellite tv years ago, it was terrible. Every time the cloud cover got thick and it rained or snowed, the signal was gone. So frustrating! I think cable tv has it’s own set of farts and hiccups!

        • A fact! I guess one should just remember the old times when three channels were what were available, and one of them always was snowy or virtually unviewable.

  3. This is hilarious—Andy, you are a little devil!—though I know losing your cable service is NOT! I know this because I haven’t had service all weekend, and the earliest a tech can come in to fix it is Tuesday “sometime between 1 and 5 p.m.” I was thinking, can you imagine your doctor saying he can see you sometime between 1 and 5 p.m.? “But make sure you’re at home around 12 just in case he comes early.” Plus the cable company is charging me $80 just for the house call. If he has to change out anything, I’ll be charged for that in addition. Yeah, for what they charge us, repairs should be included in the monthly service!

    • Total agreement with you on the service charge. Here, they give a one hour window, and, amazingly, they do get that right.

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