07Oct20: Curiosity…

Andy has normal curiosity for a kitty boy. Believe it! All there was in the cup was ice.

Earlier, I gave him a piece of that ice, which he “footballed” off the end table, soccer style.

Yet he had to worry that cup just in case it held something of interest for a kitty boy. Could be…!

Sorry, Andy! Nothing of interest here. You hear me? Nothing. (After I took this photo, of course, he stuck his head all the way in the cup.)






34 thoughts on “07Oct20: Curiosity…

    • Andy makes that assumption all the time! I let him sniff it, he rejects a sample (fortunately, every time so far!), I say, “See! Kitty boys don’t like [whatever I let him sniff].

  1. That would have been an interesting photo with Andy’s face down there in the cup! 🙂

    The video works for me within the Reader but I can’t make or see comments. The video doesn’t work for me directly on your website, but I can comment and “like”. They must have changed the theme java scripting or Reader, or both.

    • Apparently the comments don’t look like they post yet they are there for me to see and reply to, Michel. WordPress needs to get that fixed!

    • Not to worry, Michel! Even though he has the classic Persian kitty pumpkinhead, the cup was big enough his head didn’t get stuck! LOL!

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