30Jun21: another birthday gift for Andy…

Andy is pleased with his new scratching post. It was easily assembled, so I really like it, too! The base is really heavy, making it more stable than some cat furniture I’ve bought, and Andy wasted no time trying it out. I haven’t decided where to put it permanently, but it will be someplace Andy can access it more easily than where it is now. 

Andy guards his scratching post from the possibility of a phantom kitty using it. He now has to major pieces of kitty furniture that have never been used by another cat. 

14 thoughts on “30Jun21: another birthday gift for Andy…

  1. Your cactus tree is pawsome, Andy! I used to scratchy on the tree all the time that Mom and Dad made for me years ago, but it’s looking a bit rough these days. Tee hee hee. I bet you’ll get lots of use out of your tree. Purrs.

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