29Jun21: an early birthday present…

Where’s the kitty?

Hint! Hint!

See the kitty now?

Andy saw this part of his birthday presents early because, of course, he helped put it together! I think he likes his new kitty tree. Just where it will end up is to be established, though this spot looks like a solid possibility.

The second part of his birthday gifts is a new scratching post.

(…from the Chewy advertisement)

80 thoughts on “29Jun21: an early birthday present…

    • Yes, he really likes that one, and now uses it over the others. Among other things, it has a heavy base, so he actually can use it to hop on a nearby computer chair if he wishes.

  1. WOWY, Andy! Mr. Doug got you a really big tree/condo! Just think, now you have more hidey holes from where to spy on flies and rainbow snakeys. We have a similar tree, but not as tall. Sisfur Esmay uses it mostly. She seems to think it’s hers. Chin nuzzels.

    • That’s the problem when you have to share. Andy always had fights with Dougy over who got to use this or that.

    • This particular one come without the two kitty bed towers on the top. The price difference was negligible so I went whole hog.

      • There’s nothing quite like seeing a cat tree felled upon its first use, particularly when you’ve spent more than it is worth. Looking forward to photos of Andy in that fine new hangout.

        • I was a bit concerned the new one wouldn’t be good because I got it so cheaply, but it turned out to be very solid and capable of handling a 10 pound kitty boy!

    • Maybe we should drink a memorial toast to his memory. We think about Dougy every day, many times when something triggers a memory of that wee rascal!

    • Scary-looking, it is like a stuffed toy on top and solid where the rope is coiled. Andy love, love, loves it, and immediately tried it out a little bit before I had all three cacti attached to the base! One never knows about a cat, eh?!

    • Andy is r3eally pleased wit it, and I am really pleased I didn’t waste money on his gifts as he tried both out immediately.

    • Andy is really happy with both! I liked the scratching post design, too. It’s on a heavy base, unlike many of these cat scratching posts, so Andy can’t knock it over.

    • I was pleased with the solid construction on both he cat tree and scratcher. Both were on sale (40% off) at a price I couldn’t resist.

    • He took to both right away, GP. I tend to grit my teeth when I give him new toys since he doesn’t always respond to them. I scored 100% with these two gifts!

    • Up to this point, he (and his late brother) just had to use cat trees and scratching posts inherited from the late Louie the ginger cat. I decided Andy earned something new. He IS a good kitty!

    • The cat tree came with a strap and hardware to secure it to the wall. It is so heavy (the base was heavy enough I barely could pick it up….) I doubt 10 pound Andy can knock it over. I was impressed with both gifts for the substantial bases.

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