06Aug21: What’s next….?

What’s next, Andrew?

The kitty brothers position for a favorite spot.

They were still sorting things out.

Finally! Something they agree on!

21 thoughts on “06Aug21: What’s next….?

    • There were always squabbles over favorite spots, and many times the aggressive kitty boy didn’t really want the spot, he just didn’t want his brother to use his spot in case he wanted to use it some time later. Cats!

  1. These are cute videos, Doug! The lashing tail precedes the exchange of paw strikes! Old Willow, when she was alive, had her own method of not being roused from her favorite spot in the kitchen window. It was generally one of the sisters who would try to come up, stare her down and push her out. Willow would lift her head, and give the intruder a withering look. One could see the Beams of Doom emanating from her eyes! The other cat would say “Just kidding!”, back down quickly and get out of her area. No contest!

    • LOL! I’ve seen elderly squirrels use that stare to intimidate younger ones that thought they had priority over a peanut, whatever. I’m not surprised Willow had the power of the stare, too!

    • They got into some real fights over the cat loungers even though I bought two of the eventually in the hope that would end the fights. Of course, then they both wanted the same lounger! LOL!

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