Louie the ginger cat…

Louie died ten years ago today. He was a sweet, smart kitty boy.

A new Zealand friend took a photo of Louie sleeping on my computer chair and turned Louie into Captain Me-Ow. It was strangely appropriate. Louie was a super cat!

Louie was a shelter cat. I only had him 22 months before he died of lymphoma.

When I picked up Louie’s ashes, one of the veterinary technicians who raised pedigree kitties offered me Andy. Later, knowing I wanted a companion for Andy, she offered me Dougy.

Though I was pleased to have the kittens, I never forgot Louie. Every August 1st, Louie memories fill my day.


01Aug21: after the spa day, the cats will play…

Andy makes an appearance to take a bath.

Andy’s curiosity takes over: What’s that object in Doug’s hand?

Dougy and Andy at play after their spa day. Dougy even sneaks a few scratches on the settee he ultimately destroyed.

Dougy’s resting, then Andy lets him know he’s around.