16Aug21: ‘kitty tears”…

Poor Andy! Everything is in turmoil during the family visit. He can’t even look out his favorite windows in the guest bedroom. (“People sleep at night???” Andy is confused.)

Andy runs over to the recliner. “What? The footrest is down?” How frustrating. Kitty tears tell Doug the human that poor Andy’s favorite places are off limits or, at least, unavailable during family visits. What’s a kitty to do?!ย 

“Hint! Hint! Maybe Doug the human will put the footrest up. I’m his kitty boy! And I’m a good kitty boy. Always!”

Sorry, Andy. The footrest is in the way when there are others in the house. They have to go to the airport for home in a few minutes. I know you can hold out!

“I counted on you, Doug the human!”

Dear me! Line’em up for the traditional “leaving for home” photo no one in the Thomas family wants to line up for! “I’ll edit it so you look good,” I promise, though the part I edited out was the cluttered computer table and another mess behind sister Kathy and friend Sid. You know, things that edited out make me look good. Oh well, she got one of me, too – damn those smart phones! everyone has them, and everyone takes tons of photos! It, Kathy’s photo of me, shows Jabba the Hutt post Star Wars. Or maybe it was me…. (Of course you can’t see it! LOL!)

After I drive Kathy and Sid down to the airport in Scottsbluff, I return home in time for sun up. The visit was a good one. Andy mostly enjoyed the visitors, though “zoomies” the first night and kitty boy visits to both windows in the guest bedroom meant my visitors got to experience Andy in an unpleasant way at night, hence the closed door today!

Wipe away your kitty tears, Andrew. Thanks to the visit, not only is the apartment cleaner, there is almost no clutter on the dining room table. You know what that means! [It means a kitty boy will spend lots of time on the dining room table, snoozing, taking care of his “precious”, and snooping out interesting kitty things Doug the human usually hides from him. Also, Doug the human thinks he might find it interesting to keeping it cleared and returning to eating meals on it instead of in front of the television. What a novel thought!]ย